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Chris Hunt's Introduction

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Chris Hunt's Introduction

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:58 am

In a wrestling federation on the common world, there is a wrestler by the name of Chris Hunt, a half titan half human who always has an incredible urge to destroy people and obtain titles and glory, hence why a beast like him joined a wrestling federation. Another reason is the fact that he was secretly ''kicked out'' of prison, because of all the problems he was causing due to his great strength, stamina, and constant urge to hurt people.

The scene now turns to a wrestling arena, the wrestling arena, like any other, has a ring, a crowd around it, and commentators. In the middle of the ring stands a female wearing an elegant dress and holding a microphone, she was the announcer.

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at 7"5 feet tall and weighing 260 pounds, making his debut, CHRIIS HUUNT.

Mixed reactions start bursting out of the crowd, shortly later , Chris Hunt emerges onto the stage. Chris is wearing black pants, sports shoes, and no shirt, but his massive size is the first thing anyone would notice about him. He is breathing quickly and heavily as he walks into the ring.

Commentator 1: Wow, this man is massive, and what's with the breathing?
Commentator 2: I don't know, but he claims to be half Titan....I hope he isn't expecting anyone to believe THAT

Chris Hunt walks into the ring and stares at the announcer as she walks out of the ring, as soon as she walks out, Chris runs viscously at his opponent and hits him with a massive big boot, the impact sends his opponent crashing out of the ring.

The opponent can already be seen bleeding heavily, the commentators and the crowd are all speechless, they have never seen anything like this. Chris Hunt then runs out of the ring kneels down on his opponent and starts to pound him with his fists, it can be noticed by then that Chris's first is the size of his opponent's face.

As Chris Hunt continues to mercilessly pound his opponent and his opponent continues to bleed heavily, five security guards rush in to try to stop this annihilation, but they could not move Chris Hunt an inch, they couldn't even stop him from punching the man who was supposed to be his opponent. After a few seconds, Chris Hunt gets up and drops all five men with a clothesline to each one of them, shortly followed by a scream that can be heard throughout the arena. Other wrestlers start running down the stage to stop the beast, but to no avail, as Chris drops each and every one of them easily, and beats every single one them up without hesitation or mercy.

Things now start to get serious, the commentators run out of the arena, scared for their lives, the crowd does the same, they all leave except for one, one female who just sits there and stares at Chris as he delivers extreme punishment to an entire roster...that is ofcourse until the police show up, about seven men in uniform rush down to the ring, one of them quickly tazers the unwary Chris Hunt, and another kicks him in the head as he lies paralyzed on the ground, Chris passes out.

The scene now shows Chris Hunt still unconscious in a jail cell, he is dressed in the same clothes that he had on in the wrestling ring, but he now has a bruise on his face, Chris Hunt gets up slowly and looks around. The cell is made up of three dirty walls and the fourth is made up of steel bars, it smells like piss inside, the floor looks like it wasn't cleaned in 200 years, between the walls there is nothing other than a bed with black sheets...they were supposed to be white. As soon as Chris Hunt gets up and remembers everything, he goes up to the bars and starts shaking them

Chris Hunt: [shouting at the top of his lungs] LET ME OUT YOU DIRTY PIGS

But to no avail, there is nobody else in the entire hallway, even the prisoners are too scared to peek out of his cells after seeing him and hearing the rumors, Chris Hunt then sits on the bunk bed and puts his head down, as if he is ashamed of what has happened to him.

As Chris is sitting, he hears a conversation going on between two guards on what seems to be the lower floor

Guard one: Hey did you hear about that freak that was detained today? They say he almost killed a wrestler in the ring, then took on the entire roster!

Guard two: I was watching it on TV, the man is just brutal, his strength is out of this world

Guard one: He claims he is half Titan, you think that's true...? I mean, it's just a myth, but that guy's size and power are unreal

Guard two: I don't know, man....at this point, anything is possible

Suddenly, a weird looking short creature who looks like a woman appears next to Chris Hunt, he doesn't see her since his head is lowered

Creature: No need to feel ashamed, not your fault these people are so soft

At that, Chris Hunt quickly turns around and gets instantly freaked out, he stands up and backs down a few steps, he opens his mouth but no words come out, he is completely speechless.

Creature: Relax, Chris..I ju--

Chris: [interrupting in a heavy voice] HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME? WHAT ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT ARE YOU?

Creature: Calm down and listen, don't let your foolish human side take control, what and who I am is not important right now, I came here to help you, I've been watching you Chris, you have potential.

At that, Chris seems to calm down.

Creature: My name is Lilynette, and I know all about you. You have an urge deep inside you to destroy people and obtain glory, your father was a Titan and your mother was a human, you suffered with your urge and strength your entire life....

Chris: Go on.

Lilynette: Despite of your love of dismantling people and the pleasure you get from it, these human weaklings are not enough for you, you want more, you want a challenge....you want to fight someone with no boundaries, you want to fight somebody who can take a beating...well Chris, what if I told you there's a place where all that is possible?

Chris Hunt smiles at Lilynette, and a portal suddenly appears on one of the cell's filthy walls

Lilynette: Just hop into that portal

Chris Hunt jumps into the portal without a second of hesitation as thinking has never been one of his strong suits, then the portal disappears.

Lilynette smiles deviously


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