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Damion MacSteele arrives. Interview with Sakaki.

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Damion MacSteele arrives. Interview with Sakaki.

Post by Damion MacSteele on Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:07 am

A shaft of light from a barred hole in a cell door falls upon a body lying in the centre of an otherwise cold, dark cell. The rise and fall of the it’s chest is the only sign of life. The spiral scars on his face look raw and painful and there is signs of darkened dried blood.
Damion MacSteele lets out a groan. His hands move first, feeling around him. His voice is little more than a croak.

Damion – Ground… Ah suppose that’s a good start. Hard…cold…stone? That’s no such a good thing.

A voice drifts in from the other side of the door

Sakaki – Well folks, I believe our newest arrival is waking up, let’s go in and find out who it is shall we.

There’s the sound of a key turning and the door swings open. Sakaki walks into the cell followed by a cameraman.

Sakaki – Wow, are you okay man? You look like you’ve just been in the arena.

If Damion hears him, he doesn’t acknowledge. He tentatively opens an eye, moves it around briefly to see if it’s safe to open the other one. He decides it is.

Damion – Cell then. Fair ‘nuff. Ah’m sure there’s a reason.

There’s something wrong with this hangover, there’s no nausea, no dizziness, no pounding headache and he can remember...
Damion sits bolt upright, a look of panic on his face.

Damion – DEMON!! A bloody lassie! wi’ wings!

He springs up onto his feet and takes a quick step towards Sakaki who takes an equally quick step back in panic.

Sakaki – Woah, wait, you actually met…
Damion – Ah was fightin’ that big psycho Trash, only then, it wasn’t Trash, it was this bloody lassie, wi’ a tail, an wings!

Damion’s eyes are wild as he darts around the cell.

Damion – ‘an ah was in a ring…

He quickly comes back face to face with Sakaki

Damion – This here isn’t a ring!
Sakaki – No, this is a cell, you’re at…
Damion – Three things wee guy. First, where the hell am I? Second, who the hell are you? And three, WHAT THE HELL?

Sakaki is quite shaken at this outburst.

Sakaki – Well, if you let me finish. You’re in an arrival cell at the Queens Blade Championship arena. My name is Sakaki and you have been chosen, from among millions of beings, to fight in the arena for the entertainment of Her Great Majesty, Lilynette. It really is a great honour…
Damion – Woah there wee man. Hold the bus…

A myriad of looks pass across the face of Damion MacSteele, all of them confused. A million questions race through his mind but he can’t focus on any of them.

He takes a deep breath in, holds it for a beat, lets it out slowly, and then…

Damion – where’s mah whisky?
Sakaki – Well, there might be some in that locker over there, she’ll sometimes let you bring certain items with you.

Damion runs to the locker, opens the door. A sigh of relief as he sees his old hipflask and some of his clothes. He takes out the hipflask, opens it, sniffs it carefully satisfying himself that it is actually whisky before taking a big slug.

Sakaki – So, we didn’t catch your name.
Damion – Aye lad, that’s ‘cos ah never threw it. Ah’m hungry, ah need some...
Sakaki – Hungry? And where are you from Hungry?
Damion – No, ‘am not from Hungary, ah’m from Scotland.
Sakaki – Well Hungry, I’m sure you’ll do the realm of Scotland proud.
Damion – Wait, who’s Hungry?
Sakaki – You are…

A wry smile appears on Damion’s face as the penny drops. He continues the gag tho’.

Damion – Oh yes I am, where do ah get some food?
Sakaki – It’ll be feeding time for the new arrivals in about an hour from now. There’ll be someone take you there. Until then, I suggest you get cleaned up. I’ll get a meditech to come in and have a look at those scars.

Damion lightly hold a hand up to his face and traces out the scars again. He decides that he is in some kind of hell, and there’s no use in fighting it, so he’ll just play along, for the moment.

Sakaki – Well, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of you in the coming weeks, months or, if you survive that long, years, and I’m sure I speak for all QBC fans when I wish you good luck in the arena tonight Hungry.

Sakaki leaves the cell locking the door behind him.

Damion – Tonight?...
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Re: Damion MacSteele arrives. Interview with Sakaki.

Post by Damion MacSteele on Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:08 am

If anyone wants an interaction with me, the walk to the feeding hall, or in the feeding hall might be a good place.
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