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Keele's Dungeon RP

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Keele's Dungeon RP

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:23 am

"The camera comes across Keele laying in a cell, unconscious"

"Keele wakes up, unable to process what exactly is going on. He looks around and tries to take in the horrors of the events that have taken place"

*thinking* Where am I?

"As he looks around he realizes he is in a cell. the surrounding made of nothing but concrete. The bars rusted, yet still strong enough they cant be broken. Looking around he realizes there's no way to see out into this dark world in which he has been cast away too."

Keele: HELLOOO!!!!

"No answer. he gives out another call with no response. for sure he is alone in this cold dark hellish place. As he makes his way to his feet he looks around the small cell taking in his surroundings. A bed,a sink, and a toilet is all he sees. he makes his way over to the bed and takes a seat."

Keele: Hard bed. Figures.

"In the distance he hears a door open. he quickly makes his way to his feet as a woman appears before him. With a simple wave of the hand, she makes a portal appear in the cell.

Keele: Who are you? And why am i here?

*No Response*

Keele:ANSWER ME!!!

"with a wave of her hand, keele is suddenly thrusted forward into the portal."

*Thinking* Oh great. What's next?


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