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Lily & Magnum's Tournament RP

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Lily & Magnum's Tournament RP

Post by Sephira on Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:18 am

*Magnum wakes up from a terrible nightmare just to realize it was not a nightmare but indeed his new reality*

Magnum - Where in the blue hell am I?

*Magnum looks across the room and sees another guy sleeping on the floor*

Magnum - Yo you over there...hello are you awake? Guess not. Damn what the hell is this place. One min Im sleeping with this Victoria Secret model and the next Im here. Looks like downtown Boston after the Celtics lose again hahaha

*Suddenly a Guard appears*

Guard - Silence you are being summoned by the Queen.

Magnum - Yo dude who you talking to and who is the queen?

Guard - You shall find out shortly. Come with me.

* The guard begins to move closer to Magnum*

Magnum - Oh hell no

* Magnum kicks the guard in the face knocks him to the ground and places him in an octopus hold*

Magnum- Now tell me who the hell you are and who is this Queen.

* The guard struggling to get out of the hold says nothing*

Magnum - Damn this dude is tough.

* All of a sudden the guard vanishes out of thin air and a woman's voice is heard in the background*

Queen Lilynette - It looks like this one is ready for battle.

Magnum - Who said that? Where are you? Show your face bitch I aint scared of no one.

Queen - Hahaha don't worry you will get to know me very soon, and you wont have to worry about that guard anymore as you can see he wasn't worthy to work for me so I took care of him.

*Magnum looking very confused*
Magnum - You took care of him? The dude just vanished.

Queen - Exactly hahahaha

*The Queen's voice begings to dimmer with an evil demonic laugh until there is complete silence. Magnum just stands there with a stunned look on his face*

Magnum - Im screwed

*Just then a portal suddenly appears under the floor, as the room fills with darkness. Magnum is then slowly pulled through, constantly trying to grab onto whatever he can find to stop himself being dragged in*
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