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Whats that, a brutal maniac is joining the tourney! (Basil Blackheart intro rp)

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Whats that, a brutal maniac is joining the tourney! (Basil Blackheart intro rp)

Post by BasilBlackheart on Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:38 am

We are taken to a barren wasteland where Basil Blackheart is standing over a headless corpse. "Weaklings like you have no place in the tournament." - He speaks at the dead body. The man is spattered with blood from the victim. Drops of blood are still driping from the blade of his giant axe. The face of the muscular man shows no remorse as he's about to leave the dead body in the wasteland to be forever forgotten. Suddenly a strange portal opens, mere meters from him. Three guardsmen come trought the portal, to be surprised by the scene.

Gurad #1: What! Who are you!? We were sent by the Queen to bring her Nedart Karst, where is he?

A little grin appears on Basil's face as he faces the three men.

Basil Blackheart: Well we can say he lost his head over the beginning of the tournament.

A short, deep, saddistic laughter followed the words of Blackheart. The big man stepped towards the guards with a menacing stance.

Guard #2: You medieval freak!

Basil's eyes suddenly locked on to the guard. With a swift move the armored man's hand lunged towards the guard and grabed his neck. Blackheart's grip was so strong that the man immediately began gasping for air. The other two guards stood in place as if they were frozen. The first of the tried to make a move but his colleague stopped him.

Guard #3: No, the Queen actually sent as for thah man. - He said. Apparently he knew something his comrades didn't.The man fell on one knee and begged: -Please come wtih us peacefully, we'll lead you to the Queen.

The face of Blackheart showed he was pleased. The grip around the guards neck became tighter as Blackheart turned his attention towards the kneeling guard.

Basil Blackheart: Do you fear me?

The man noded his head. The smile on Basil's face grew as he apparently was enjoying the situation.

Basil Blackheart: But you are more afraid of her, aren't you?

The man stroke Blackheart with a gaze of confusion. He hesitated a bit but he again nods with head giving his answer., to which Blackheart answered with an almost silent but filled with pleasure "...good". The guard in Basil's hand had already passed out from lack of air and the man let him fall to the ground. "So she really is flawless, I need to meet her." - He spoke to himself, thinking if he should go trought the portal or not.

Basil Blackheart: Where will this portal take me?

Blackheart gazed upon the trembling guard awaiting his answer. He saw the hesitation with which the guard was strugling before giving him an answer, so he interrupted him:

Basil Blackheart: And don't you lie to me little man!

With a sigh the guard prepared his answer. His voice was trembling in fear but he was able to spit out his words:

Guard #3: In her majesty's dundgeon.

"Not what I was hoping for but it'll have to do. From there I should be able to find her with ease." Basil tought to himself as he persueded himsefl to go trought the portal. The muscular man took a step toward the portal. The guards took this as a signal fro them to follow. Theay picked up their fallen colleague and stood behind Blackheart.

Basil Blackheart: And don't you dare tricking me into a trap or I will take your heads!

Basil threw a mean look at the frightened guards before making another step towards the portal. Being close enough to it Basil was sucked in the portal and the guards were soon to follow. A lonely gust of wind partialy coverd the beheaded Nedard as if it was burying him. The portal closed behind the four men and now in the wasteland there was only silence.

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