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Chris arrives in a cell. [before my match]

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Chris arrives in a cell. [before my match]

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:23 am

The scene turns to an empty cell, the cell is small, three of walls are made of stone while the third has strong steel bars, and between the walls there is nothing but a bed made of stone and a small toilet. Seconds later a portal appears on one of the walls and Chris Hunt comes shooting right out, he is so tall that his head hit the opposing wall.

Chris Hunt is still dressed the same way he was dressed before jumping in the portal; black, baggy pants, sport shoes, and no shirt. His face is dirty, has a bruise on it, and his hair is messed up. It takes a while for Chris to get up and recuperate.

After he gets up and brushes all the dirt and dust off his shoulders and face, he looks around and realizes what happened, he furiously rushes to the bars and looks out, he notices that it looks different from the prison he was in the human world. He starts angrily shaking the bars as he shouts in a deep voice

Chris Hunt: Get me out of here you witch, EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!

As Chris Hunt was shaking the bars in his cell in anger and confusion, Lilynette appears out of nowhere right infront of the cell, Chris Hunt leaves the bars and back down a few steps. Lilynette looks at Chris and smiles deviously

Lilynette:[in a condescending tone] What's the matter Chris? Afraid?

Chris Hunt moves two steps forward and quickly replies

Chris Hunt: [same deep voice] I'm not afraid of anyth--

Lilynette: [interrupting] I know I know, you're the tough guy and all

Chris Hunt: You deceived me!!

Lilynette: Yeah I know, that's what deamons do.

At that, Chris moves backwards again

Lilynette: I actually brought you here, along with others as pawns to make you fight for my people's entertainment...in other words, you are now like my slave.

Lilynette pauses as if expecting a reply from Chris, but he doesn't say anything or move the slightest bit

Lilynette: Cat ate your tongue? Anyway, not everything I told you was a lie, you WILL get some worthy competition here, that part is true, and you are expected to destroy them in any way you like, now maybe you don't have your freedom, but win my tournament and we could probably work something out.

At that comment, the expression on Hunt's face changes, he smiles a bit and seems a little less rattled by the daemon infront of him.

Lilynette turns to leave, she walks two steps but then turns back to Chris

Lilynette:Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, don't try anything funny with the bars or those steel bars, this isn't like the world you used to live in, everything here is a lot stronger, so do as you're told and you won't have to embarrass yourself.

Lilynette smiles the same devious smile, turns, and leaves. Chris Hunt sits on the bunk , he looks somewhat confused, not particularly happy, sad, or angry about what he heard.


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Re: Chris arrives in a cell. [before my match]

Post by Vicious Wolf on Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:55 am

Chris Hunt does not have much time to be confused as a new portal opens in front of his eyes .The portal creates a blinding burst of light and as quick as it appeared it was gone leaving behind a very annoyed Vicious Wolf.He takes some time to look around viewing the the prison in its twisted glory, the metal bars clearly reinforced with magic, with his demon eyes he could see the shimmer of it, magic was thick in the air of this realm. He used his other senses to try to create and image of the world around him, using his sense of smell he noticed large amounts of blood and decay, smells that would repulse most humans but to a predator like Wolf, this fired him up.His sense of hearing was next detecting the breathing of the guards he located a large number of them to many to fight if he wanted to escape.He also heard the clank of chains and the twisting of leavers followed by bones breaking and screams in the distance. This place certainly felt like home but there was one problem. he was on the wrong side of the bars. But he was not alone of course. Wolf straightened up and examined the silent figure in his cell.If this was to be his living quarters he had to establish the pecking order.

Vicious Wolf:So it looks like we are roommates for the foreseeable future so lets get the ground rules set. Only one rule to follow and that is do what I tell you and you might just survive this cell with all your limbs still attached. That is if they feed us though. So the deal is you work for me and keep me safe and I will let you live in return. Perhaps I will even look out for you. Sound good.

Chris Hunt sits motionless ignoring the new arrival, this causes wolf to snap releasing his alter ego Inner Wolf.Inner wolf uses some power to conjure up his metal claws slicing them together to make sure they are sharp before pointing them at Chris Hunt.

Inner Wolf (enraged):Now listen you 8ft tall chunk of meat I could carve you up quicker than anyone in this building could get here.This means that you are at my mercy now last warning before I turn you into a shish-kebab. Are you going to do as I say?

Chris Hunt does not respond again causing Wolf to lash out at him claws bared however Chris catches Wolfs right arm in his crushing grip.

Chris Hunt: So you think you are a tough guy well i came here looking for guys like you, I am going to put you into your place you little bug.

With this Chris Hunt Crushes Vicious Wolfs right arm causing severe pain Vicious uses his left hand to slash at Chris Hunts arm freeing himself.He then uses his superior athleticism to inflict more cuts from the blades before salfy retreating to the other side of the cell still nursing his crushed right arm.The two appear ready to clash again until another portal opens distracting both of the combatants.

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Re: Chris arrives in a cell. [before my match]

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:22 am

From the portal right in between of Vicious Wolf's and Chris Hunt's fight, drops another man. He falls onto the ground as Wolf and Hunt are in shock of who and what they are seeing. Dogpyle get's up from the dirt filled ground, brushes all he can see off before glancing at Chris. He seems shocked and pleased at the same time and after stumbling for a couple of seconds he starts to speak.

Dogpyle: Hey big fella! What are you doing here? What in the world is happening here?

He then gets closer to the big man and tries to give him a hug that turns out in an awkward motion before Vicious Wolf coughs getting Dogpyle's attention. He glances at Chris once more before Dogpyle has the same surprised expression on his face.

Dogpyle: Wolf? Do you know Chris? Can you guys tell me what's going on?

Vicious finally cures his right arm to 100%, before without any hesitation answering to Dogpyle's question.

Vicious Wolf: We were about to slice this sack of potatoes, that's what was going to happen. What are you doing here my friend? I haven't seen you for ages!

Dogpyle: I dunno man. I'm really confused.

Before Dogpyle can continue his speech Chris blows up and lashes at Vicious. Pushing Dogpyle aside running right at Vicious Wolf. Wolf using his agility jumps right away from the big bulldozer who runs into the concrete wall that didn't even take a scratch.

Dogpyle: Guys! Guys! Easy! Now listen.

They both settle a bit still not taking their eyes off of each other.

Dogpyle: Now easy just sit down and let's talk through this. Okay. So did you both get here with the same damn portal?

They both nod their heads in agreement.

Dogpyle: Alright, I'm pretty sure it's the same creepy lady that got us here. First things first, no matter if this is luck or not we are going to stick together for now. All three of us!

Both of the angered men start to show their disagreement standing up, but before they can say a single word Dogpyle interrupts once more.

Dogpyle: Look, I believe this happened for a reason, and I can see you don't like each other and I can get why. You Chris. *looks at Chris* The big giant. The titan that nobody and nothing can stop!

Chris looks pleased at what he heard showing off his smile for the first time.

Dogpyle: And Vicious! *looks at The Wolf* The two dimentional predator! The methodical way you approach your pray! Nothing can stand in your way.

Vicious sharpens his claws looking as confident as ever.

Dogpyle: We are great together. The perfect team. A team just went B when we three got in the same room. And whatever our separate goals are I promise we will reach them together. Freedom, Glory, Challenge or whatever it might be, we will get there as long as we stick together! I scratch your back and you scratch mine...no claws tho Wolf.

Suddenly the tension goes down as all 3 men are having a light laugh when suddenly the witch herself appears in front of the cell.

Lilynette: *applauds* Look at you! The perfect team, all happy and smiles.

Suddenly her tone changes as she starts speaking rapidly in that devious voice that she owns so very much.

Lilynette: Don't get too excited. You thought you were good, well think again. Here we play by my rules and you have no idea how we play it in here. Soon you will be on your knees begging.

And again the voice goes down as if there were two evil witches talking.

Lilynette: But you'll find that out yourselves. I'm just here to say that you have your first challenges awaiting. Starting with you Captain Dogpyle.

She laughs before disappearing as her echoed laugh can be heard for a couple of second after she's gone. The scene then shifts back to the 3 men. As a portal opens up.

Dogpyle: Ok, guys. Remember what we talked about. And that goes to all of us! You scratch my back...I scratch yours.

After those same words he steps into the portal where Dogpyle's first challenge awaits.
Scene fades.


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Re: Chris arrives in a cell. [before my match]

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