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Keele meets MacSteele

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Keele meets MacSteele

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:46 am

"We come across Keele walking into the Training Center. Much to his surprise there's a person already in there, and not the guard lady! He rushes over in excitement.

Keele: Cool, i havent had any contact with anyone in days *Changes his expression to a more conceited demeanor* Not like i need it. everyone here seems dumber then a box of rocks. Anyways, if you know how to form words, whats your name? MY NAME IS KEELE, KEELE! WHATS YOURS?

Since arriving, Damion has seen a few bizarre things, but there’s always something new to come along and raise the bizarrometer up another notch. He eyes this colourful person up and down, unsure what to make of him. MacSteele raises an eyebrow.

Damion – Form words?

He takes a deep breath in and lets out a sigh, scratches behind his ear.

Damion – (under his breath) Ach well…

Damion’s trademark grin appears.

Damion – Alright big yin, how’s it goin’?

Keele: cool, you actually form words. Havent had much contact verbally with any one here. Only person i ever see is that guard lady. And she never says anything to me. And the only thing she does is bring me food and send me through those portals to other places. Other then that im surviving. No idea what im doing here or how i ended up in this world. Sure it has something to do with these fights they put me in. Your accent makes it kinda hard to understand you.

"shoots damion an odd look, as if to say he's like an alien from an outside world."

Keele: How did you come to be here? And do you have any idea of what were doing here? And what's with us being locked up?*welps* do you know anything at all?

Damion let’s out a belly laugh.

Damion – ho ho, you get your food brought to you? How lovely for ye. Ah’ve been goin to the Maison De Dump for mah slop. This morning we had oatmeal flavoured slop, an last night we had oatmeal flavoured slop wi’ something that looks like it might have been a chicken at one stage oh it’s peer wee life.

A frown appears.

Damion – Right laddie, you seem like a brainy sort oh guy, an’ ahm afraid to say that that is something which is sorely lacking from a lot oh the folk ah’ve met so far, not that ah’m well-endowed in the brain department mahslef mind you. But ah’ll tell what ah know so far. Ah haven’t been here that long mahself. Mah name is…

Damion looks around to see if Sakaki is about

Damion – Damion MacSteele. Ah’m from a place called Scotland, but by the look oh ye, ah’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean anything to ye. Ah’m a wrestler, a fighter, ah do this sort oh thing for a livin’, only ah’ve never had to do it to…continue livin’ if ye catch mah drift. Yon lassie wi’ the wings an’ the tail, Lilynette, she brought me here in the middle oh a fight. Don’t ask me why, ‘cos ah haven’t got a clue. Only other person ah’ve spoken to so far has been that Sakaki dude, but he was about as much use as a glass hammer.

Damion takes another moment to look at his audience of one. Raises an eyebrow again…

Damion – Sorry, did you say you go into the fights? An’ yer survivin’?

Keele: For the most part yes, if you may put it that way. And yes im very articulate. As for you, you give off a good vibe so i must ask you a favor my good friend. I am very mastered in the Knowledge of the fighting arts, but seem to lack the skill in order to bring forth what i know. would you mind pitching in a helpful hand? It would be much appreciated if you can do me this one favor. You look like a guy with mighty skills. And i will do everything in my power to better myself, especially since it seems like these matches wont be stopping anytime soon. So, What do ya say Macsteele? Will you help me out?

A small moment of consideration passes.

Damion – Hmm, brains and brawn eh? That’s not a bad idea there laddie. Ha, not bad at all. You figure a way oot oh this place, ah’ll teach ye how to fight like a man!

Damion wipes his hands on his kilt and stretches one out towards…

Damion – Put it there laddie

"Keele grabs Damion's hand and shakes it. Looks like a small alliance has been made. What will this lead too? and what do they have in store? Only time will tell but for now lets move on...


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Re: Keele meets MacSteele

Post by Damion MacSteele on Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:34 am

I'd like this interaction to end with me saying, as we're shaking hands

Damion - Tell ye what, I'll even let you be the brains.
Damion MacSteele

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