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An interview with a bloodthirsty brute (Basil Blackheart pit/tourney segment)

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An interview with a bloodthirsty brute (Basil Blackheart pit/tourney segment)

Post by BasilBlackheart on Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:50 am

The camera takes us in the dundgeon where Sakaki is standing whith his microphone awaiting the signal to begin showcasting. In the background we can see a group of guards trying to restraing Basil Blackheart.The armored man is wrestling with the guards and throwing them away as he's trying to make his way to Sakaki. We see one of the guards strugling to take the gigantic axe from Basil's hands. Sakaki recieves the signal he's live and begins casting:

Sakaki: Welcome fellow viewers I'm in the dundgeon where a recent entrant in the tournament has arrived just a few minutes ago. Rumor has it he took the head of one of the registered participants and with that he took his place in the tournament. Let's see what he has to say.

Cautiously Sakaki makes a step towards Basil but stops in his tracks. The big man let his axe go, which made the guard trying to strip him off it to fall on the ground from the sheer weight of the weapon. Blackheart threw one of the guards sideways as if he was a plush doll. Another guard tried to take his colleague's place but was headbutted to the ground. Getting closer to Basil the mic of Sakaki was able to get a glimpse of his feral screams. The man was acting like a wild beast. Two guards were trying to put him to the ground but with no succes. One of them was restraining his left arm, while the other was hugging his torso, trying to lift him from the ground. Blackheart's eyes were locked on Sakaki as the big man was pushing his way trought the guards opposition to get to the interviewer. It was visible that Sakaki was feeling uncomfortable and nervous. Basil was comming closer and closer as the guards began losing their strenght. Finally the words from Basil's mouth were caught by the microphone:

Basil Blackheart: Get out of my way weaklings I need to get to the Queen!

Another group of guards joined their weakened comrades to pin the wild man in place. The numbers started to play their game as Basil was struggling to get rid of their body blockade. Sakaki took a deep breath and made another step towards the beast.

Sakaki: Good day sir, may I know your name? And can you give me a few words for the crowd?

Blackheart's struggle with the guards was causing him to make all kinds of wild sounds as if he was an animal.In a fragmented and inarticulated way he was able to answer Sakaki.

Basil Blackheart: I...I am Basil... Bla...Blackheart the E...e...executione...e..er. Hmph.... I h...have to ... meet her! rgghh!

Suddenly Basil was able to free his right hand and it lunged towards Sakaki. The big man was able to fit Sakaki's face in his palm and he squeezed it with brute force. Sakaki screamed and dropped his mic. The interviewer began waving his hands in helpless motions. The man let a scream " take me to her! " as he was tightening his grip around poor Sakaki's head. Blackheart was able to hit with his knee one of the guards in the groin and it appeared that this broke the guards blockade. The wild man was able to move his upper body and with that he began freeing himself from the guards bear hug. Suddenly a portal oppened near the fight. Blackheart released Sakaki from his hold as he gazed upon the portal. The guards used this distraction to immobilise him once again. Trembling Sakaki brought himself back on his feet. Being a professional he grabbed his mic and turned to the camera.

Sakaki: In...incredible the Queen is requesting this brute at the arena!

Hearing this the guards carefully released Basil from their grasps. The wild man flexed as a wild beast but did not attack them. It seemed that his attention was caught by Sakaki's words.

Basil Blackheart: The Queen? I have to meet her!

Sakaki misunderstood the brute's demands and tought that Basil was excited to be called upon for a match. At the same time Blackheart misunderstood the portal, he tought the Queen is finaly going to meet him as the quarrel with the guards prevented him from hearing what Sakaki said. The interviewer put the microphone close to Basil and asked him:

Sakaki: Any words for the crowd? What can we expect from you?

Basil Blackheart: Out of my way little man, I'm going to meet the Queen!

The armored man pushed Sakaki's hand aside and made a step towards the portal. He turned around to stop his gaze at the guard who was struggling with his axe.

Basil Blackheart: Don't lose it or I'll have to rip off your head with my hands!

The man took another step to the portal and was sucked in it. Looking incredibly disturbed Sakaki turned once again to the camera. He was still shaking from what he had experienced mere moments ago. Once again he took a deap breath and spoke:

Sakaki: I don't now what just happened but I think the Queen might want to gaze upon this warrior to see what he's capable of, as we are about to witness his prowess in a real fight.

Sakaki smiles at the camera as the screen steadily blacks out.

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