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Keele Zeibel's opening sequence

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Keele Zeibel's opening sequence

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 05, 2013 9:25 am

"We come across Keele Zeibel seen walking down a dirt road on his way to his house, as usual reading his book on craymel magic. Wearing his usual white robe,sandals,and always equiped with his trusty mace. Not that he knew any magic or could cast it, studying just the basis managed to excite Keele beyond belief"

Keele: So in order for me to do that, imma have to fringe the two crystals together. When i actually pull this off its gonna be the most astronomical sight anyone has ever seen! Of course there is always the possibility of me failing at this *thinks* No no way! Any complex form is no match for my intelligence. So all i need to to is try and convert....

"Keele continues on talking to himself when out of nowhere a black portal appears above his head."

Keele: What the heck is this? Some kind of portal of some sort? Never seen anything like this on Mt. Minche before, or anywhere in Inferia. I must investigate this.

"before Keele even gets a chance to investigate this precarious phenomenon, the portal all of the sudden sucks keele in, transferring him to a realm unknown"


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