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Gajeel and Gaiagaia's openings, with an angry Keele

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Gajeel and Gaiagaia's openings, with an angry Keele

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 05, 2013 9:27 am

"we come across gajeel and Keele Zeibel laying in a field. unaware of where they are exactly. around them are trees with no leaves, looking dead as can be. animals beyond your wildest imagination. last they remember they were being sucked through what looked to be some sort of black hole. when they come too..."

gajeel: Well that fall wasn't as bad as i think it would've been i guess that damn lilynette isn't as bad as i choice her to be 'she even gave me a pillow to fall sufficently on'

Keele: argh, my head. That was just extraordinary! The Science behind it! I need to investigate more! How a hole miniscule could swallow a full grown eternian is astronomical! Ill have to add this too my studies!

"Keele sits up and notices a little boy standing next to him. the boy couldnt be no older then 15, Black hair, dressed in all black."

"This dont look good, Keele thought to himself"

Gajeel: ''SCIENCE ewwwww" by the looks of things you look more like a magician. can you make birds apear from my ears?

"Keele looks at gajeel for an extended period of time,Dubfounded by his response. after a few seconds Gajeel gets up and grabs Keele by the arm helping him to his feet."

Keele:Get off me! I dont need your help getting to my feet! Idiot! Where's my book?

"A fear is swept over Keele. His precious book is his life, his reason for living. after a few seemingly endless seconds he locates his book."

Gajeel: Wait why are you looking at me? Are you teamed up with that Lilynette? Or are you lucubrating all my moves?

Keele: who are you? and where im I? If you know anything i demand you tell me now! I find it very ironic that i be sucked through a portal and when i come too you're the first person i see.

Gajeel: Wait hold. up. Who are you to demand me to do anything huh? Also i was meaning to ask the same thing.

Keele:I last i remember was walking down the road, minding my own business when all the sudden i was engulfed by some sort of portal and i ended up here. My names Keele. Keele Zeibel. Now unless your incapable of speech, how bout telling me yours.

GAjeel: im gajeel i made a deal with that girl Lily. turns out she druged me and i lost the fight then she draged me into this Portal. Sadly now she vanished and i cant find that pretty girl. She is evil but im in love.

Keele::So you know that girl?

"Keele backs off of gajeel suddenly. Fear strikes him like a ton of bricks as he realizes that this guy could in fact be the reason he is here. he looks deep inside himself trying to hid his cowardice.But it definitely shows on his face"

Keele: How do i know i can trust you? And do you possibly know where we are, or where this so called lily is? Do you know anything at all? Or are you just some sort of decendent of idiocracy?

Gajeel: you can trust me dude and i dont know where that girl is. all i know is if i ever get my hands on her she is going to pay dearly. And please stop using so many big words. I get so lost everytime something big comes out your mouth.

Keele:Your an idiot

"Keele looks around to try and get a grasp on where he is. He calmly thinks to himself "

''this guy cant be trusted, but better off with him then alone in a world i dont know."

Keele:well i dunno if i can trust you, but having someone with me here may be better then being alone.

"Keele calmly thinks a bit more before speaking again"

Keele:I've made up my mind. lets stick together and explore the wonders ahead of us. Just try not to do anything stupid.

Gajeel: you got that damn right this place give me the chills im still a kid i dont want to die yet,and plus i am scared of the dark and i dont even have my best shoes on. Agh wait till i get my hands on her.

"Keele Zeibel and Gajeel set out to find more about the place their at, when..."

*A girl; short gray haired with a headphone quickly backpedals from where she's standing. Her eyes gazed from left to right as if she's lost somewhere while her hand grasps an M-12 rifle tightly, her point finger on the trigger. While backpedalling; she accidentally hits a bump on the road then feels like something spilled at the back of her clothes, when she turned, she found out that she bumped on a guy with weird clothing, his broken tubes on the ground and an open book splashed on the mud below him. His butt is nowhere is flatten on the ground as he stares at the girl: shocked.*

Gray Haired Girl: (quickly smells her clothing) dammit, you ruined my school uniform! what am i gonna wear now? this is my favorite one!

Weird Guy: (comes to realization) What are you stupid, you bumped me first! (slowly stands up)

Gray Haired Girl: (quickly points rifle to the man) Dont you dare stand up! i dont know you! get away from me!

*Immediately the scene escalated quickly as the two confront each other in the old fashion mouth way. Meanwhile both didnt notice a man standing beside them frisking his chin*

Gajeel: Hi.. Gajeel here "Gajeel tries to act cool and leans on a a tree and spider gets on his hand and he screams like a girl" (winks at the girl then makes an awkward first impression)

GHG: (hits gajeel with the butt of the rifle)

WG: (quickly aids to gajeel) what is wrong with you!? You come, walking blindly. stupidly bump into me, and start hitting this poor kid.

GHG: I told you not to get close to me! (points the rifle to both of the guys and squeezes the handle tight)

Gajeel: (touches the welp on his right eye) Ouch thats going to leave a big mark * Gajeel tries to act tough you lucky you a girl i would've punched you by now*

GHG: (sighs) alright (drops gun to her waist) im sorry for the ruckus, but im on a bit rush. If you dont mind; do you know where I am? or at least where the toilet is?

WG: Why would we help a crazy girl like you? My book!(gathers his book and pieces of paper lying on the muddy ground) Do you know how much information you may have ruined! "Cries" My precious information! And all my work i've written! Ruined because some stupid "girl" cant watch where she walks!

Gajeel: (approaches GHG to shake hands with her, but was unfortunately strucked by the rifle in the head, KNOCKED OUT COLD)

WG: (speechless) what the..!?

GaiaGaia: sorry.. (looks at her rifle, broken down and barely hanging on, the rifle was made of wood) reflexes! (discards the fake rifle) umm.. im GaiaGaia (slowly inches forward and reaches her right hand up) and you are..?

Keele Zeibel: (Quickly smacks the girls hand away) To think i would shake hands with someone who ruins my work... (quickly shakes it off and aids gajeel whose lying on the pavement face first)Im Keele, and you must be Stupid!

GaiaGaia: Im sorry for the ruckus I made (sighs and lends a hand on both of the guys) now umm.. can i know where the toilet is?

*Keele stares at GaiaGaia deeply with arrogance, while on the back of his mind shouting "is this girl for real!?". GaiaGaia helps Keele treat Gajeel who was still out cold on the ground. The two talked for minutes until Gajeel wakes up, dizzy and numb*

GaiaGaia: so umm.. can i know where the toilet is now?

"Just then A very attractive woman walks up to the three. with a wave of her hand a three portals appear, one next to Keele,Gaia, and Gajeel. Before any of them can respond or make out a question, the woman thrusts her palm forward. All 3 wrestlers feel a push, falling right into the portals set up for them.

"How will the rest of the story unfold? Stick around and see. Meanwhile ....


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