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Enters in the Serpent...

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Enters in the Serpent...

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:59 am

A big bearded man sits in front of a table in a dim lit room, in front of him sacks of gold, taken from bribes. He dips his hand into the bag pulling out glimmering coins he smiles with lust and greed, as he tries to return the coins into the satchel, hands and blade appear around his head, The Serpent speaks…

Serpent: Don’t move, don’t scream, don’t plead and don’t even blink, Captain. Be lucky of the few precious seconds of air that fills your lungs, the second I give you to continue living.

Captain of the Guard: *tries speaking calmly* Who are you? Why do you want…money?! I can pay you…

Serpent: No amount of money can save you, Captain…Corruption taints your blood, that money you hold in your palm bribes from those guilty of crime let loose to roam the streets...

The Serpent clenches his dagger nearly piercing into the captain's neck.

Serpent: ...while good men die to protect they’re families, Children left with no father's, wives left to mourn, Yet you you hide behind these walls, like a rat, shrouding your cowardice, your greed… by your actions your fate is damned.

Captain of the Guard: No! No, that's not true! I'm innocent! I am! Who gave you the right to dictate my fate!?

The Serpent: No one.

Captain of The Guard: Oh gods no--...

The captain can only finish his sentence before the Serpent slit's his throat, blood pouring down as his life fades away, the Serpent wipes of his dagger looking at the captain feeling nothing, no emotion, then quickly the Serpent hears the guards try to open the door and dashes towards the window.

City Guard: What was that? The Captain!

The second guard looks out the open window and see The Serpent sliding down the side wall and yells out “Assassin! Don’t let him escape!” Alerting the rest of the guards.

The Serpent runs through a busy market street running through market stalls dodging around people as the guards pursue him, The Serpent is cut off in an ally way and decides climbs up a wall to the roof of a building quickly analyzing the surrounding he jumps to the next building’s roof narrowly missing the ledge.

Guard: Over there! He's over there!

The Serpent climbs up running to the other side before spotting the main city gate not far away, he climbs down quickly and makes a run for the gates, a pursuing guard yells out.

Guard: Quickly! He’s heading for the gate! Lower it! Lower it now before he escapes!

The gate guards start turning the lever as the gates slowly start to lower, as the Serpent approaches nearer to the gate he starts a baseball slide, sliding under the gate before it finally lowers.

The Serpent eyes one of the angered guards before dashing off into the desert but before he’s even a mile away he looks back and sees no guards going after him. They’re not coming after me? Odd… he thinks to himself as he turns around a blinding flash of light appears from a portal.

The Serpent is teleported into a new realm he slowly regains his consciousness confused and dazed he looks around the strange world.

Serpent: By the desert sands…where in Isis am I?

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Re: Enters in the Serpent...

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:39 am

Serpent, I'm pretty sure that no throat cutting can happen in a segment. I'm not 100% sure tho.


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Re: Enters in the Serpent...

Post by Vicious Wolf on Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:02 am

Dog I got away with this
Bartholomew does not get the chance to finish his sentence as Vicious Wolf had managded to sneak up behind the vampire and slit his troat with the blade that he had concealed.

Vicious Wolf: Gotcha!

Bartholomew stands back up and then laughs as his wound slowly heals.

Bartholomew: One minute Vanessa my dear I have to kill this insolent pup for thinking that a royal full blood like me could be killed by something as human as a knife.

Bartholomew slaps Vicious Wolf with very little effort but the hit sends Wolf flying ten feet away. Wolf trys to get up and is on his hands and knees however Bartholomew simply walks over and kicks him into a young tree smashing straight through it.Vicious manages to slowly get up but he is spiting up alot of blood.

Vanessa: run kid there is no way you can win, he may be full of himself but he is a full blood and one of the best fighters around.

Vicious: I can't run, I'm not that fast.

Vicious trys to run towards and stab the vampire but Bartholomew catch's Wolf and looks into his eyes whilst lightly lifting him by the neck.Bartholomew's eyes glow and then stop glowing.

Bartholomew: I already know that you know of the story of how our clans where created. But did you know each one of the originals children had a unique power? My family are decedents of the second youngest vampire brother. As such we have the power truth vision, we can just by making eye contact find out anything we want to know. I just looked into you and found out that you also love the girl I am set to marry.

Bartholomew smiles evilly as Vanessa screams NO!

Bartholomew his hand back

Bartholomew: then I shall destroy the heart that is in competition with mine!

Bartholomew then shoots his arm straight through Vicious Wolf's chest and punches straight through the other side holding Wolf's heart in his hand,Wolfs body slumps and a single tear of blood drips down Vanessa's cheek..

pretty sure that is a bit worse. I would check with someone just to be safe but that should be ok. The line Who gave you the right to play god will need to be changed as it is theology.

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Re: Enters in the Serpent...

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