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Farah's pit type RP

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Farah's pit type RP

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:10 am

"Farah walks up to one of the feild workers"

Farah:Come on pick up the pace! We need to get this done.

"Farah has always been the bossy type, whenever she is doing anything she insists on being the boss. Nobody can do a better job then her, especially when it came to work. Yet her whole time in QBC as a worker in the feilds, she's always dreamt about being something more. Sometimes her wild side gets the best of her, but fighting with her bare hands is something she always enjoyed to do. Even more then working in these pitiful fields. It was the hunting she enjoyed the most. When it came to hunting, Farah never had a problem doing so with her bare hands. Not like hunting came much here. All she ever really did was harvest the food and bring it to the other competitor's at the queens orders."

Worker:Were going as fast as we can.

Farah:Argh, pitiful!

"Farah hastily bends down to start harvesting the field."

Farah:sad excuse of a ....

"Farah looks over and spots some of the new recruits for the tournament. What she wouldnt give to just step into the pit, just once to she what she's made of. Quickly she snaps out of her day dream and gets back to work. Need to get this harvested of the queen will have her head on a platter!"

Farah:Pick up the pace, or you know what can happen to you. Imma take this to the kitchen.

"Farah starts walking toward the dungeon kitchen, but stops for a moment. She looks over one more time at the tournament contenders."

Farah:Weak. Could easily take that one, that one, i dont even know what that is, but i could take it out too!Hmph!

"Angrily she stomps off to the kitchen to deliver the goods. As she approaches the pits, she's distracted by the flash of bright lights. She looks over and realizes the events of the evening are about to take place."


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