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After Match Interview with Magnum

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After Match Interview with Magnum

Post by Sephira on Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:08 am

From the medical facility

Sakaki: I am here live in the medical facility with the badly bruised and beaten Magnum. My first question is how are you feeling?

*Magnum is laying in a bed all covered up in bandages with blood soaking through them stares up at Sakaki and says nothing*

Sakaki: Umm Magnum any comments on tonights match with the Queeb?

**Magnum continues to stare at Sakaki**

Sakaki: I guess.... *Magnum grabs the mic from Sakaki with force and pushes Sakaki back*

Magnum: I don't know who you are nor do I care. To answer your stupid question I am indeed in pain and alot of it *pauses and smirks* I mean come on your must be a moron do I look like Im ok I just got my ass kicked in a match I should have won.

*Sakaki takes out another mic*

Sakaki: Well are you saying our Queen cheated to win the match against you tonight?

*Magnum gives Sakaki that blank stare again as blood begins to drip off his forehead. He stands up out of the bed and gets right into Sakakis faces with blood dripping on Sakaki's shirt*

Magnum: You really are a moron arent you. Did you not see that witch take a barb wired bat and knock me around with it. Are you that blind? Im bruised from head to toe bleeding from every part of my body my blood is all oover that ring and its tthanks to her and that weapon.

Sakaki: I don't really think the Queen will like to hear that.

Magnum: Listen man and listen good. I see what its going to be like here and you bet your ass Im ready. Ill be ready to go next week heck Ill be ready to go tomorrow but one thing is for damn sure *Magnum pauses and stares right into the eyes of Sakaki* This was only round one with the Queen, round two will end with her body bruised and bloody oh you can bet on that. Now Comment as you see fit.

*Magnum throws the mic at Sakaki and goes back inton the bed as a nurse comes over to rewrap Magnum's bloody body*
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