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Magnum vs Aono entrance RP

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Magnum vs Aono entrance RP

Post by Sephira on Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:57 am

* “Youngin’ on his Grind” begins to play in the arena (Crowd gives a mix reaction) as Magnum makes his way onto the entrance ramp with both arms bandaged up and his head bandaged with a mic in his hand *

Nanael: Surprising reaction from the crowd here. Some cheers some boos as Magnum looks like a mummy all wrapped up.

Airi: Aren’t you a joker, he put up a great fight last week and it’s a miracle he’s out here going to compete tonight. The lesser idiots in the crowd are showing their appreciation for the fight Magnum put up against the Queen last week.

Nanael: He is set for a match with Aono Tsukune tonight, not sure if its smart for Magnum to fight tonight especially against a young talented wrestler like Aono.

Airi: Nanael when do you ever just shut your big mouth, if Magnum believes he is ready to fight then he is ready.

Nanael: Let’s hear what he has to say.

* Magnum puts the mic to his mouth as half the crowd is chanting Magnum Magnum Magnum and the other half booing *

Nanael: Wow is it electric in the arena tonight.

Airi: No kidding, Magnum is out here.

Magnum: I don’t know why you people are chanting my name. Last week I lost in a brutal match with the Queen after vowing I would defeat her. * Magnum pauses and puts the mic down *

Nanael: That is correct folks he did say he would defeat her and our Queen triumphed.

Airi: But Magnum did put up hell of a fight.

Nanael: I won’t argue with you on that one.

Magnum: I asked for a rematch and the Queen declined. (Crowd boos) But I am sure we will meet in the ring again and the outcome will be different. She did on the other hand grant me a match tonight against some loser named Aono. (Crowd cheers for Aono).

Nanael: Aono is not a loser he is a young man looking to improve his life.

Airi: He’s a loser who will get his ass kicked by Magnum:

Nanael: I think you have a little thing for Magnum, Airi.

Airi: It’s none of your business if I do or not so shut it.

Magnum: Aono, buddy you have no idea, and I mean no freaking idea what you are in for tonight. (Most of the crowd begins to boo Magnum now) SHUT THE HELL UP WHILE IM SPEAKING (Now all of the crowd boos Magnum)

Nanael: It looks like the crowd is against Magnum once again.

Magnum: Aono I will destroy your puny ass tonight, oh you can bet on that. My path of destruction, blood, and mayhem starts with you. (the crowd begins to chat Aono’s name)

* Magnum pauses and just looks around the arena mocking their Aono chant*

Magnum: You can chant his name all you want that won’t change the fact he is in for a blood fest tonight. Aono I am going to make sure you can’t stand up on your own after our match tonight. I will leave you laying motionless on the floor oh you can bet on that. NOW COMMENT AS YOU SEE FIT!

* Magnum drops the mic and makes his way towards the ring*

Airi: That’s right Magnum teach that little twerp Aono a lesson.

Nanael: Strong words from Magnum again let us see if he can back them up this week. Folks Magnum vs Aono coming up next.
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