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MacSteele's yearning

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MacSteele's yearning

Post by Damion MacSteele on Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:03 am

In Damion MacSteele’s cell, a female meditech is checking on the injuries Damion sustained at the hands of King Krimsin. The meditech is giggling as Damion finishes telling a story…

Damion - …an’ then…get this…an’ then I says to her “aye, an’ that’s not a haggis lassie” HA HA HA

They both burst into fits of laughter.

Meditech – ho, that’s not a…ha…oh you are bad!

Damion (feigning hurt) – Not at all lassie, ‘am a good boy. Until ah get ye home wi’ me that is.

Meditech – Stop it you. Okay now, this is going to sting a bit…

The meditech leans forward to apply some salve to Damion’s forehead.

Damion – OOOCHA!

Meditech – I told you it would sting.

Damion – No, it’s not that. When you leaned over me there, ah was reminded oh the beautiful great glens back home. Ah coulda’ sworn ah glimpsed the Paps oh Jura.

The meditech dons a look of mock embarrassment as she stands up straight again. Damion has his trademark cheeky wee smile on.

Meditech – Would you stop that!

Damion stands up to inspect his face in the mirror, the spiral scars aren’t as red as they were, but they are certainly there to stay. That cheeky smile wavers momentarily, concern chiselling away at it’s edges. But it returns when he hears the meditech packing her salves and bandages away.

Damion – Ah’m tellin’ ye lassie, ye best get me while ye can, cos ah’m certainly not gettin’ any prettier in here.

Meditech – Hmm. You took a hell of a beating.

Damion – That? No lassie, that was nothing. You should have seen what cousin Angus did to me on mah 18th birthday, now that was a party. In fact…

Damion flashes the meditech a look…

Damion – if ye ask nicely ah’ll show ye the tattoos. No wait…if ye ask dirty ah’ll show ye the tattoos.

The meditech smiles knowingly.

Meditech – Oh, I think I’ve seen them. You were unconscious for a while.

It’s now Damion’s turn to feign embarrassment before returning to the smile that so often disarms.

Damion – Ye filthy wee thing ye.

Damion gets serious for a moment.

Damion - Tell me somethin’. Are you trapped in here wi’ us lot, or do you get to go oot there?

Meditech – Oot…out where?

Damion – Och, ye know, beyond the walls.

She lowers her voice.

Meditech – Some of the staff are allowed certain freedoms outside.

Damion gets the hint and moves a bit closer so the guards can’t hear.

Damion – and what is oot there?

Meditech – Oh, well, there’s, you know, the city…

The meditech is clearly uncomfortable with this line of questioning, she glances towards the cell door.

Damion - …and ah suppose this city has bars and restaurants and so on?

Meditech – Well, it wouldn’t be much of a city without them.

Damion – Just so, aye. An’ there’ll be singin’…

Damion slides up behind the meditech and lays a hand around her waste

Damion - …and dancin’ of an evening wi’ music till the wee small hours?

Her voice is soft and fluttery, a mere whisper.

Meditech – Aye…I mean…yes there is

He whispers into her ear.

Damion – now let’s say a handsome young laddie was to meet a bonnie wee lassie an’ wanted to ask her oot to dinner, only this poor wee laddie is trapped in a place, not unlike this. What might he have to do to take her to dinner?

There’s a moment’s hesitation before the meditech shakes her head and pulls away.

Meditech – No. It’s…impossible…

She heads for the door, emotions in turmoil, opens it to leave, but pauses on her way out. She looks briefly at Damion before finally leaving the cell shaking her head. The door slams shut, the sound of a key turning.
Damion looks at the locked door and listens to the footsteps echoing down the corridor.

Damion (to himself)– nothing’s impossible lassie…nothing’s impossible.

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Re: MacSteele's yearning

Post by Sephira on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:22 am

Used as an opener; to keep in tune with the finisher of Show 1
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