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Laura joins the QBC realm

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Laura joins the QBC realm

Post by Laura Kinney on Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:03 pm

Guard: Laura...!!!

*Laura raises her head. She looks at really tall, well build man, outside her door. He is dressed in black, as everyone else outside the cells. She stands up and walks to the door.*

Laura: What is it?

Guard: Message. For you.

Laura: Who is it from.

Guard: Dunno. Someone called, The Man.

* The man, she thinks. He is the reason I am here. He is the reason I am locked in a cell in this hell. He is the reason I have to suffer. *

*Laura is walking down a quiet street talking on the cell phone*

Laura: I heard you've got a job for me.

Voice over phone: I do.

Laura: What kind of job is that?

Voice: An assassination.

Laura: Well I got that. Who is it? How do you want the job to be done?

Voice: Well, it's a special job.

Laura: Special how?

Voice: Special in two ways. Firstly, you need to get close to your victim before you kill him. Get to know him.

Laura: That won't be a problem. The second one?

Voice: The place you have to go, is kinda strange. And a bit far away.

Laura: How far?

Voice: Turn left. You see that purple circle?

Laura: I do. What is this?

Voice: Walk in there.

Laura: Are you mad? I am certainly not.

Voice: Check your PDA.

*Laura looks at her PDA. There is an email stating that a huge amount of money has been deposited in her bank account.*

Voice: This is amount will stay at your account as long as you enter that portal.

Laura: Portal? You mean that will transport me somewhere? *chuckles*

Voice: That's exactly what I mean. And this is only half the payment. You get the other half when you get the job done.

Laura: Done. Who am I to kill. *she walks in the portal*

*Suddenly she is zapped in a whole new realm. The cell phone goes dead.*

Laura: What the hell is this place...?

* And now he wants what? To finish the job. He has to be mental. Laura grabs the message. She opens the envelope. Inside there is a message written in red ink.*

~ If you want the rest of the money and a way out, you got to complete the job.
Remember, you got to get close to your victim, before you carry out the job.
The name of the victim is...~

Laura Kinney

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