Queen's Blade Championship
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Show 3 before my match

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Show 3 before my match

Post by Laura Kinney on Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:14 pm

Airi: Hey sexy.
*Laura was sitting in her cell, waiting for the now familiar gong to call her for her math, when she hears Airi. She stands up to great her. *
Laura: Hey. * She gets closer to her and kisses her. *
Airi: Are you ready for your match?
Laura: How can I not be?  You've seen him. He has no chance against me.
Airi: That's true.
Laura: And after tonight, I promise you, he won't bother you ever again.
Airi: He sure won't. Anyway, I have to head to the arena. I am the prize, remember? *she winks at her*
Laura: You are MY prize. *she grabs Airi and kisses her again.*
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