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Serpent and Gajeel, A Tag in the Making?!?

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Serpent and Gajeel, A Tag in the Making?!?

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:49 pm

The camera shows a aerial view of the pit then zooms in on The Serpent deep in a meditated state as he dwells in memory of his past…

In a room, The Serpent stands in front of a bearded man, desk stands between them; the man speaks “Remember boy, Danger is all too real, fear is not. Be cautious and expect what cannot be foreseen.” The man walks towards a hooded falcon tying a letter to its leg as The Serpent bows his head “Yes, master.”, taking off its hood the man releases it out the window and speaks once again “I am no man’s master, I simply guide you.” the man walks towards a bookshelf gathering blank scrolls. “I’m sending you into the city; you’re ready for your first mark. He’s merchant in the city…” The Serpent interrupts suspiciously “A merchant...” the hooded man turns looking at The Serpent with brooding scowl and serious tone “Yes, boy; a merchant, do not underestimate the abilities and motives of your opponent. For this will cripple you.” The man walks to the desk and speaks “Now hurry and make haste to the city, learn all you can of your mark, then when the time is right strike...” The Serpent nods his head walking out the doors---

The memory is suddenly interrupted by the voice of child; The Serpent tries to ignore it but fails, as he listens, his eyes still closed.
Gajeel: Hi I’m Gajeel your new tag partner
The Serpent opens his eyes and simply ignores Gajeel, stands up and walks away from the young boy, but Gajeel decides to follow him.

Serpent: I wish to be left alone, so the answer to your statement is no. Away, now.

Gajeel looks undeterred and annoyingly determined he asks…

Gajeel: Why not? I want to hurt all the tags out there no matter what !

The Serpent continues to ignore the child, growing more annoyed.

Serpent:  I have no reason to help you nor do I plan to find one. Go ask someone else and leave me be. 

Gajeel: Come on tag with me. please.. please.. please.. please.. please.. please..
Gajeel continues to follow The Serpent; growing more annoyed at Gajeel. Soon Gajeel tugs on The Serpent’s arm…The Serpent reacts with both instinctive nature and annoyance. He throws Gajeel to a wall pinning his arm down on Gajeel’s throat before speaking…

Serpent: I said to leave me alone, be happy that I grant you your life after I let you go…

Gajeel: Please tag with me please; I will give you a quarter if you do…

Gajeel tries to sound convincing, The Serpent looks at the child with brooding scowl before releasing him and simply walking away. As Gajeel drops down he grabs on to one of the Serpent’s ankles… 

Serpent:  If you continue this the guards will be dragging your body to the infirmary---…

Suddenly The Serpent is interrupted as he is pushed by Balrog and his partner Coul.

Gajeel: Hey!! Leave my partner alone you big meanies!
Serpent:  For the last time I am not your partner… And you two…You either have guts or you both lack in brains.
Balrog and Coul laugh at Gajeel, then Balrog turns his attention over to The Serpent. With a smirk on his face Balrog speaks.
Balrog: Heh heh, overheard you and the kid, pit rat. Lucky for him you denied him, both of you would have gotten destroyed, best to keep him from experiencing that, huh? Though it would be lovely to hear his bone crackle as the little whimp screams for pain…Ah well, I’ve got better things to do than talk to a pathetic fighter like you and his little lamb, Cya ‘round, pit rat!

Balrog gives a devilish grin before walking away with Coul, laughing. The Serpent tries to control his anger, keeping calm he looks over at Balrog grabbing him and turning him around and punching him across the face, Balrog covers his now broken nose as it drips with blood…he smirks. But soon a guard steps in…

Guard: Break it up ladies! Break it up!

Gajeel: Shut up you ugly guard!! (Hides behind Serpent)

Balrog enraged at the guard looks over at Serpent walking away…
Balrog: You just got lucky…
The Serpent looks over at Gajeel, then back at Balrog watching the guard escort him away.

Serpent: …If I do choose to partner with you, will I get a chance to fight those two?

Gajeel:  Yeah

Gajeel looks happy waiting for Serpent to answer…
Gajeel: Are you in?

The Serpent continues to watch Balrog, analyzing him, then turns his head towards Gajeel, answering with no emotion.

Serpent: Consider your deal taken…I’ll lend you my arm, for now.

Gajeel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever 
The Serpent walks away, closing  to find any another place to continue his meditation.
The Serpent: Please, shut up…


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