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Backstage beatdown on Aono segment

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Backstage beatdown on Aono segment

Post by @Magnum on Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:31 pm

*Backstage Sakaki is interviewing Aono*

Sakaki: So Aono tonight you are facing Magnum, do you believe you can defeat him?

Aono: Of course I believe I can defeat him and I will defeat him and Im going to dedicate my win to Airi.

Sakaki: Speaking of Airi, What is going on with her, you, and Laura?

Aono: Well to be honest...

*Magnum suddenly appears and grabs the mic out of Sakaki's hand*

Magnum: Listen here twerp there will be no match tonight. I have unfinished business with the Queen so forget about trying to impress Airi and whoever else you have a high school crush on.

* Aono gets into Magnum's face*

Aono: We will have our match tonight I need to prove to Airi I am worthy.

Magnum: Worthy you say, I believe you are worthy of a beatdown.

*Magnum drops the mic and kicks Aono on the side of his head knocking him to the ground. He grabs a chair and begins to bash Aono's head in as blood begins to pour out from an open wound*

Magnum: Had enough?

*Aono doesn't answer and seems unconscious*

Magnum: No answer means you haven't. * He looks around and finds two chairs and a ladder*

Magnum: You will enjoy this Aono.

*Magnum sets up the chairs and places the ladder in between them. He lifts up Aono's motionless body on top of his shoulds and delievers a Powerbomb to Hell breaking the ladder into two. Aono lays tangled in the ladder in his own pool of blood*

Magnum: Now to take care of some real business.

*Magnum stares back at Aono as guards rush over to see if he is still alive. Magnum then proceeds to walk towards the stage with a smirk on his face*

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