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Chris is confronted by his group (Finished)

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Chris is confronted by his group (Finished)

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:35 pm

~Dogpyle's part~

Chris Hunt suddenly shows up outside of the cell escorted by two massive guards who are almost his size, Wolf and Dogpyle stop talking when they see Chris. Chris Hunt is dressed as he always is, shirtless with baggy sweatpants. One of the guards opens the cell's door and Chris Hunt walks in.

Chris looks at Dogpyle and Wolf, who look back at him, Chris Hunt is not breathing heavily like he always is

Dogpyle: What the hell happened out there?
Chris: What do you mean?

Vicious Wolf steps up and speaks in a loud, agressive tone

Vicious Wolf: You know what we mean you oversized lump of meat, why'd you follow that bony guy? And why didn't you sock him in the face?

Dogpyle: And where the hell were you?
Chris Hunt steps back and sits on the bunk bed

Chris Hunt: Guys guys, what's with all the questions? Calm down, nothing happened.

Vicious Wolf steps forward angrily and opens his lips to start speaking but Dogpyle holds him back, Vicious Wolf looks at Dogpyle and steps back

Dogpyle: Chris, we already agreed to this, no secrets....we need to be able to trust each other.

Chris Hunt: Look man, nothing happened, I have nothing to hide

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a portal appears inside of the cell

Chris: That's for my match, I should be off....

Chris Hunt takes a few steps towards the panel then notices that Dogpyle and Wolf are following him, then he turns around and speaks

Chris Hunt: No no, I won't be needing you guys for this one, I have backup

~Dogpyle and Wolf's part~


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Re: Chris is confronted by his group (Finished)

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:15 am

~Dogpyle's part~:
The scene shifts to Vicious Wolf and Dogpyle walking towards their cell being surrounded by mammoth size guards. Vicious is looking as irritated as ever, while Dogpyle seems out of it ignoring absolutely everything that's happening. Once they get to their cell a guard pushes Dogpyle and Vic into their cell as the both men sit down with towels on their heads, being tired from their recent training session.

Dogpyle: Chris is still gone. I'm starting to have a bad feeling of this. Maybe he's in trouble. Whoever was that guy, I didn't like him.

Vicious Wolf: Yeah. I would slice that dead guy right back into his grave. Did you see him? He seemed barely alive.

Dogpyle: Well, Chris is well known for his reckless abandon and lack of judgement. It's nothing new to me to hear him go through this stupid (censored). I thought he would've learned with time. But no, he has to go and jeopardize our group and all that we could accomplish.

Vicious Wolf: I say we get rid of the pale guy and everything should get back to normal after that.

Dogpyle: Yeah, we just need an opportunity. No real way of doing it when we are locked up in these damn cells.

Chris' part starts here.

~Dogpyle and Wolf's part~:
After Chris goes through the portal Vicious Wolf goes crazy and destroys the only small mirror in the claustrophobic room. Before he can destroy anything else Dogpyle stops him.

Vicious Wolf: How dare he? I could beat him up right on the spot. Have I said how dumb that sack of potatoes is?..I have? Well then I'll say it again: How dumb can he get? He doesn't need us? He would be gone already if it wasn't for us.

Dogpyle puts his hand on Wolf's shoulder.

Dogpyle: Easy my friend. I have something in mind, that could clear things out for Chris.

After those same words the camera fades to black.

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Re: Chris is confronted by his group (Finished)

Post by Damion MacSteele on Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:02 am

I really like the way you guys interact and you've got an interesting story going on.

Just a couple of spelling checks.

Towels was spelled with a v.

Normally I wouldn't correct people as they speak since my own character has a bloody peculiar way of talking, so please tell me if I'm wrong here.
Dogpyle: Whoever was that guy I didn't... should that be "Whoever that guy was, I didn't..."?


Viscious Wolf: How dares he?... should that be "How dare he?..."

Again I might be pointing out speech patterns that are deliberate so please let me know.
Damion MacSteele

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Re: Chris is confronted by his group (Finished)

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:35 am

Edited. Thanks for noting those errors out Smile


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Re: Chris is confronted by his group (Finished)

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:09 am

Good job with this rabies, perfect for the story.


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Re: Chris is confronted by his group (Finished)

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