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Farah opening

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Farah opening

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 22, 2013 7:48 am

"Farah is seen back in the kitchen leading the preparation for food for tonights event."

Farah:Come on, we need to get this done. The time draws near now.

Cooks: Yes Ma'am!

"Farah leaves to go out in the field and gather more fresh grain and vegetables for tonight's event, when suddenly she spot's two guards giving the Janitor a hard time. The same guy who ran into her last week. She contemplates walking over to see what the fuss is about, thinking twice about changes her mind.

Farah:(Thinking) No need to trouble myself for a peasant like that.

"She sits back and watches the events unfold. When everything calms down a bit she walks by and notices a pool of blood on the ground, leading that way.

Farah:(thinking) Clearly they wouldnt waste thier time fatally wounding a peasant of all people.

"A small fear comes over farah, but is quickly stricken away when she see's whats going on in the small room where the janitor was. A big strapping man, older, looks to have some sort of injury. A small pool of blood has gathered below him."

Guard: Excuse me ma'am! Your gonna have to go!

"Farah ignores the guard and continues watching the nurse work on this big guy in front of her. surely this guy is a fighter. He looks like he could squash anyone, anyone but the likes of farah."

Guard: Excuse Me!

"The guard slaps Farah on the back of the heard"

Guards: your gonna have to move along now.

Farah: Yeah, yeah. im moving now.

"Farah thought to herself about having one of those pit style matches with a guard. just to have a bit of time to really destroy one of them without their armor and weapon. What a Wonderous event that would be."

"Farah takes her basket and heads toward the feilds when she can hear the announcer saying the matches will start soon. She gathers what she needs then rushes back to the kitchen to help get things prepped in time for the show" 


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