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A Different Kind of Cell, PT2

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A Different Kind of Cell, PT2

Post by Sephira on Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:22 am

Damian Dracor woke up from his dream craving caffeine, nicotine and bloodshed. How long had it been, almost four full days now since putting all those people in the hospital and being shipped to this joke of a correctional institution? Maybe longer; he was just starting to lose track of reality, and after the dream he had just awoken from, he was starting to like the idea of letting his dark side take over and make life more interesting. The mood around the joint seemed a little more to his liking today - maybe it was the weekend, he thought, and the freaks were coming out (or more appropriately, going in) to play - and he now decided it was his turn to join the freaks and have a little bit of fun. Unwilling to open his eyes due to the bright glare of the Ohio sunrise, he yelled out, banging on the wall of his cell as he did so.

Damian: Hey guard! I'm up! Where's my coffee and my smoke?

Right away, he could sense that something was amiss. First off, the cold steel plates that had originally made up the walls of his 'room' were now comprised of a hard stone and covered with a thick sap-like substance. Also, the prison employees that would usually cater to his desires as if on call were now acting like he didn't exist. Damian put his hand up to his face to shield his eyes from the sunlight and intantly noticed two things. The first was that, though he hadn't seen a single female guard in the time he had been locked up, he was currently looking at three of them pacing a hallway that looked completely different from the one he was used to seeing. The second was that the strange goop on the walls was actually blood. The smell of the blood took him back to his childhood and the animals he would hunt for fun to the dismay of the other kids and their parents. Apparently that dream he had was more real than he had thought possible, and this thought made him quite possibly the happiest man on Earth, or whatever planet he was currently on.

Guard (from afar): Everyone up! Time for training!

As Damian was waiting for someone to unlock the door of his cell, he noticed an envelope on the ground, covered in the blood of the cell's last occupant. In the envelope was a piece of paper that read "Your wish has been granted. But be warned, for if you defy me, the blood covering the walls will be your own." This made him chuckle. Who do you think I am, he thought to himself, my word is my bond your highness. The door opened, and Damian went off to prepare for his new role as loyal servant under the Queen's Blade.
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