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A Red Interview

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A Red Interview

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:46 am

*Sakaki has been sent to interview King Krimsin about his possible injury following a surprise attack in the mess hall.  The camera opens with Sakaki introducing himself, apparently in King’s cell, and towering next to him, is King Krimsin.  After his intro, he turns to address the fighter.*

Sakaki:  King Krimsin!  Reports are circling that you were attacked by Damion Macsteele just a short while ago, and sustained an injury!  Will you be able to compete tonight?

King:  Well.. the big ‘yin’ got the jump on me in the mess hall.  Two cracked ribs.. and three stitches in my forehead. *he says with a gruesome smile*  As far as competing tonight.. I only wish I could get my hands on MacCheese...

*He puts his hands on his hips and looks down at Sakaki.  His smile has faded, ever so slightly, but he exudes an aura of intimidation that seems to make Sakaki quite nervous*

Sakaki:  Er.. um... well uh, does that mean you will or will not be able to compete tonight?

King:  *chuckles a bit*  I know it’s probably difficult for you to understand this, little man, but I am the GREAT KING KRIMSIN!!

*as he exclaims his name, King grimaces and recoils, grabbing his ribs, before continuing*

King:  A great fighter like me does not get to where he is by sitting in his cell, or avoiding any man...  I tried to get a fight with the skirt, but to no avail.  So i got the next best thing;  his dinner date from this evening, Omar.  I will make an example out of this Omar fellow, and that message will be sent directly to Damion through Omar’s broken body!  

Sakaki:  So.. you will be fighting Omar Buchanan?!  Thats going to be a great fight!  He’s a tough guy, the buzz is very high for him...

*Sakaki trails off as King’s eyes pierce through him.  It’s becoming apparent that the interview should be brought to a close, as Sakaki can see King is clearly agitated, and not to be trifled with*

Sakaki:  Okaay...  Well!  Thank you SO much for your time, Mr. Krimsin..

King: ..It’s King!

Sakaki:  Many apologies.. KING Krimsin.  Thank you so much for your time, and best of luck in your upcoming match against Omar Buchanan!

*Sakaki hurriedly turns to leave King’s cell, but is stopped cold in his tracks.  King reaches his hand out and grasps Sakaki by the shoulder, and clears his throat.  Sakaki, now more nervous than ever, turns slowly back toward King, and gulps*

King:  ... I hear the queen has something.. ‘special’ planned for the main event tonight.  You may want to bring your waders... because it’s going to get VERY messy out there.

*King’s face lights up in a devilish smile, as he releases his hold on Sakaki’s shoulder.  Sakaki nervously smiles and nods to King, before hastily making his exit from the cell.*


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