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The Great Escape: Part 1

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The Great Escape: Part 1

Post by Damion MacSteele on Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:48 pm

To be placed somewhere towards the start, or middle of the show.


Damion lays on his shelf of a bed humming some forgotten melody. Footsteps approach and stop outside his door. A key is turned and the door opens.

Meditech – Time for your check up Damion.

Damion – Check up? Ah can’t remember ordering a check up lassie.

Meditech – New rules. Check ups are going to be a routine thing, the Queen doesn’t want her contestants getting ill now.

Damion – Contestants? Ha, is that what ye call captives here?

The meditech turns to the guard who escorted her here.

Meditech – Wait outside.

Guard – You sure? This one can be…troublesome.

Meditech – Oh come now, Damion here wouldn’t hurt me,

She turns to face Damion and winks.

Meditech - would you?

Damion (with more than a hint of sarcasm) – O’course not, why the very notion of harming a hair on yer pretty wee heid fills me with the most vile nausea.

She turns back to the guard and with a bit more force in her voice.

Meditech – The contestants need their privacy, wait outside.

The guard gives Damion a withering look, she is about to protest further and gets as far as opening her mouth before the Meditech raises her eyebrows.

Meditech – Outside!

The guard nods in defeat and reluctantly turns to leave the cell. When she’s satisfied that the guard is out of the cell, the meditech closes the cell door, turns around and approaches Damion with a serious look on her face. Damion adopts his typical cheeky grin.

Damion – Well well lassie, you’ve got a bit oh power aboot ye.

The meditech moves even closer and whispers.

Meditech – Shut up, we don’t have long, listen…

Damion - …well, ah usually like to take mah time, but a suppose…

Damion makes to undo his kilt

Meditech – What the hell are you doing? Oh for… Stop it you bloody fool and listen to me.

Damion stops and look slightly hurt.

Meditech – You are in terrible danger. Most of you guys are, but so far you’re the only one I’ve met who’s worth saving.

Damion – Thanks…Ah think…

Meditech – I’m taking a hell of a risk here, so shut up and do exactly as I say and I might be able to get you out. She’s not going to be pleased, and if you do get out, and she catches you, there’ll be hell to pay. So you have a choice to make, you can either stay here, keep her and her people happy and maybe survive a bit longer. Or I get you out and you take your chances out there. There’s much worse than her out there, but there’s some better too, and there’s a chance at freedom.

Every word is another step outside the walls as Damion listens with all his attention.

Meditech – So, my question, a simple answer, yes or no? Do you want me to help you get out?

Damion’s brow furrows, he looks bemused.

Damion -…o’course ah want out, why d’ye even ask that?

Meditech – because I need you to understand that it’s a choice.

Damion – Well, not from where ah’m standin’.

Meditech – Okay, now, your match tonight, you need to get yourself injured.

Damion – That shouldn’t be much oh a problem…Why?

Meditech – I’ve been assigned as your medical technician, I’ll be in charge of your treatment. You’ll be taken to the med centre, I’ll be able to sneak you out from there.

She looks even more serious now.

Meditech – Damion, there’s going to be a certain degree of danger and it’s not going to be the most…sanitary, of escapes.

The look on Damion’s face says it all. He understands the hint.

Meditech – That’s all I can tell you just now, I’ll give you more instructions when you arrive at the med center.

Damion – Lassie, you’re the only one who’s shown any kindness to me since ah got here, an’ ah don’t even know yer name.

The meditech looks a little wary and takes a moment before replying.

Medtech – Call me Rae.

Damion – Rae? Well yer mah wee Rae oh sunshine, that ye are. Will ah see ye oot there? Ah believe ah asked ye to dinner last week.

Rae – Aye…yes, you’ll see me out there, but I’ll tell you more in the med center tonight. Now, sit on the bed.

Damion does as commanded. He adopts his grin once more.

Rae (louder now) – There, all done. That wasn’t so bad was it?

She turns to the door.

Rae – Guard! Turn key! Open door!

She shares a smile with Damion as she says this. The door opens and the guard gives them a bitter look.

Guard – I’m not stupid you know! If you wanted your alone time all you had to do was ask. You managed to keep it quiet enough, I suppose I should thank you for that. And don’t talk to me as if I’m some moron “Turn key! Open Door!” I mean, come on…I’m not stupid.

Rae and the guard depart. The door closes and the key turned. Damion chuckles to himself as he hears what Rae says to the guard on the way out.

Rae – yes…yes you are.
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