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What to do about chris.

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What to do about chris.

Post by Vicious Wolf on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:25 am

Vicious Wolf, Chris Hunt and Dogpyle are yet again in their cell, however unlike in previous weeks, there is tension in the air, Chris seems ready to burst and kill both of his cell mates,Wolf is angrily staring at Chris, meanwhile Dogpyle is deep in thought trying to think of a way to fix the situation. Chris Hunt is the first one to let loose.

Chris Hunt: What The hell guys, I thought you had my back? What happened to letting me fight the match whilst you sit here?

This is the last straw for Vicious Wolf and causes him to snap in rage.

Inner Wolf ( shouting): Don't you talk about us having your back, that is what we were doing you imbecile, if you think I am going to sit here and listen to you talk about us having your back when you won't even let us be at ringside for you then you have another thing coming you stupid piece of trash.And why was that other guy there? I thought we were the ones who were a team?But no I guess its the Chris and Deadman coalition now.You are lucky that all you did was lose a match, I wanted to beat the stupid out of you!

Chris Hunt( shouting) : Oh yeah! Incase you do not notice I could crush both of you like a bug without even thinking about it! And what's wrong with taking advice from Walking Dead, He is trying to help me control myself and so far has been more help than you have!

Chris Hunt and Vicious Wolf are chest to chest with Wolf looking straight up at the giant the tension is thick in the air.But before anything can kick of Dogpyle breaks it by pushing the two apart.

Dogpyle: Sit down both of you,this is no time to be arguing. We need to think this situation through logically.Chris you must understand we had to be there. We cannot have your back if we are not there, we were just trying to help and this Walking Dead does not seem that trustable. We think he is using you.We are very strong united and he realises this and wants us split. Think about it, you have been getting weaker during your matches. You should have pulverised that guy last week , there should have been no need for the match to go on that long.Come on, together we have a better chance to survive.

Vicious Wolf calms down lowering his voice.

Vicious Wolf:OK Chris I know that you are angry about losing the match, but if that was what it takes you to realise this guy is just weakening you, its your turn to make the choice , stay strong with us and survive, or become a weakling with him? And remember I like to crush the weak for fun!

Dogpyle: So what is it going to be Chris?

Before Chris Hunt can answer one of the guards opens the cell.

Guard: Chris Hunt you are scheduled for training right now, Come with me. Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf are scheduled for match tonight and have to wait here until it is time.

Chris Hunt quickly leaves the cell to the annoyance of Vicious Wolf.

Vicious Wolf: You better give us an answer soon, or there will be worse consequences than a few lost matches!

(ooc: feel free to edit your lines guys, this one felt really short.)

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Re: What to do about chris.

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:53 am

In the first line it's ''dogpyle'' not ''dogpile'' Smile


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