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Keele rp (finished)

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Keele rp (finished)

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:48 am

" Keele has a happy expression on his face seeing as its not every day he has someone in a cell next to him. He hasnt had much communication since coming into this world, and never had any really at all before on his home planet. But in these conditions of being away from home, and with someone who can relate to him, He feels he can start a conversation."

Keele: Hey does that lady make you fight in matches too? Kinda stressing the way they run this world. Summoning us here just to make us fight some grotesque battle. How you been since our last run in?

"Gajeel ignores keele and lays on the floor as if something is bothering him"

"Keele doesnt know how long its been since he's seen Gajeel but knows its been a few weeks at least. Not really any way to keep track of days rotting in a cell."

Keele: Whats wrong with you? You gonna do what the rest of them do and ignore me now?

Gajeel: what do you want me to do be happy in a world thats basically like hell?

Keele: Hey dont be stupid!! remember we came into this world together. What's your problem?

Gajeel: To be honest i have no idea whats going on. is like we are being controlled and i dont like this, and sorry bro just this world is horrible.

"Keele looks long and hard at Gajeel, trying to keep in mind that he's a kid. Must be hard on him."

Keele: It really isnt as bad as it looks man. Just gotta be tough and make it through the hardships and everything will work out. These competitions are strenuous though. Just cheer up a bit and you will get by. Hey you seen that girl yet? The one that ruined my book? Id like to give her a piece of my mind.

Gajeel: isn't she the one that knocked me out cold. I want to give her big kiss. ugh.... wait... no i mean i want to give her a piece of me.

"Gajeel drools of her beauty and keele stands there annoyed wanting to slap Gajeel"

Keele: Dont be a moron. So have you run into anyone interesting? Or found that lily girl yet?

Gajeel : only that girl and you. i heard im having a match againts this kid who has a curse or something. also no i havent found that wicked girl lilynette. when i find her im going to *murmers* i'm going to kiss her as well"

"Keele looks at Gajeel for a minute"

Keele: What the hell is your problem? Seems you have a lot of... Tension built up.

"Just then the guard comes in and looks at Keele"

Guard: Your up...

"The guard waves her hand and summons a portal"

Keele: Well, here i go again. wish me luck

Gajeel: Good luck magic geek "smirks at keele"

"This time Keele willingly walks into the portal, not exactly sure what to expect"


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Re: Keele rp (finished)

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:51 am

There is no need for the quotation marks, please stop adding them.


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