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Nightmare Begins

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Nightmare Begins

Post by Sephira on Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:38 am

Basil Blackheart is lying on the stiff bed in his cell. His mind is focused on the upcomming match with Damion MacSteele. His body rests, gathering strenght for the match. His eyes are slowly closing. The man fights the wight of his eyelids to open his eyes once again and stare at the cold ceiling of the cell. "I can't sleep know, I have to be focuse on the task ahead." - he speaks to himself, as his eyes close again. An uncommon peace conquers the room. "BLACKHEART!" - echoes in the silence waking Basil up. The armored man jumps on his feet just to find his cell empty. The mysterious voice once again echoes in the cell - "Basil Blackheart....".

Basil Blackheart: Who's there!?

Basil nervously starts looking around in his cell. The voice speaks again, still not revealing its source - "Follow me" - a gust of wind goes trought he cell, as the cell door opens. The voice repeats it's last words sounding as if it was getting further and further away from the man. With a sense of caution Blackheart steps out of his cell. He looks around the dundgeon and there is no trace of guards aroung him. The voice leads him trough the hallway. The man walks slowly. He again demands the voice to reveal it's source but again to no avail. The voice continues to guide the man. With time Basil noticed the mysterious voice was the one of a woman. Blackheart stops as the voice leads him to a stairway. "Come down great warrior" - it speaks to him. Blackheart follows down the endless stairway. The further he goes the darker it gets. The torches on the wall were getting further and further from each other. Trough out the whole tim the voice is just repeating - "relax and follow me." - from time to time it assured the man with words of comfort - "there is no reason to be afraid, big man.". The constant echoe of the voice made Basil put his guard down. The further he went the more assured he was that everything was going to be alright. He was so enchanted by the voice that he missed the moment when the stairway was swallowed in darknes. Suddenly the stairway ended. Blackheart stoped in palce as he was now in complete darkness. A cold gust of wind sent a shiver down his spine. "Where are you?" - he shouts in the dark, to be met with no answer. Out of nowhre two torches are lid on fire in the distance. "Just watch" - the voice whispers. Cautiously the executioner gets closer to the light to reveal infront of himself a disturbing picture. A young boy is lying on his knees. His hands are seperately chained to the walls, making it hard for him to stay on the ground, as the chains are stretching him. His upper body is naked and his back is wounded by multiple scars, some of which are still bleeding. The boy looks starving and weak. Next to him there is a guard standing, a whip in his hand and a smile on his face.

Guard: Are you dead yet, boy?
Boy: Please.... I'm sorry.
Basil Blackheart: What!? What sorcery is this!

Neither the boy, nor the guard seem to notice Basil as they don't react to his voice, but the mysterious voice does.

Voice: Can't you recognise yourself? Can't you see your weakness?

Blackheart starts shaking. "Impossible" - he whispers. His eyes are set on the scene. "It can't be .... thats.... thats" - he begins mumbling, to be interrupted by the voice - " Yes, thats the time you tought you can change something." A malevolent laughter echoes around the room. "How weak were you." - the voice adds.Basil is stunned speechless as the scene infront of him continues.

Guard: You really tought you can get away from here?
Boy(weeping): I said I'm sorry....
Guard" Sorry won't bring back Marcus,neither will it bring all the slaves you costed the Queen!

"Thats my favourite part" - the voice echoes again, following another spell of laughter. The boy burst in tears. His weak, little body is twitching in pain as it is trying to rest on the ground. His arms looked as if they were sliping out of their joints. The guard answers with laughter. Blackheart breaks out of his trance as anger starts rising in him. "Stop this, now!" - he shouts. He is met with no answer. The room is filled with the cries of the boy - "I'm sorry,please.... I beg of you.... no more...." - the guard answers the boy with a loud laughter. "How pathetic" - the voice echoes again. Basil charges at the guard, clutching both of his hands together as if he was holding an axe. He swings at the guard but the swing goes right rough him. The guard lets the curled whip stretch to the ground.

Basil Blackheart: Enough! Stop!

The enchanting voice of a woman starts singing the words "weak" in a different specter of melodies. Basil turns towards the guard and tries to tackle him. The man again goes trough the guard and stumbles to the ground. Blackheart hits the ground with his fist in frustration. The voice stops singing to speak to him once again.

Voice: What happened executioner? I tought you weren't weak....
Basil Blackheart: Damn you!!! I'm not!!!

Basil tries to get up in anger but finds himself unable to. He looks around to find out in horror that he is now chained to the wall in the place of the boy. The big man in armor struggles to free himself with no success. Hundred voices began whispering "weak" in his ears. The room is filld with the girly laughter of the mysterious voice. The guard whips the whip in the air preparing to strike Blackheart's back. "Release me!!!" - Basil screams, trying to deafen the vocies in his head. Suddenly it all went quiet. Only the whip was breaking the silence. Cold sweat started pouring from Basil's face. His eyes were going around the cold wall of the dundgeon in horror. The big man is trembling in fear. "You are weak" - the voice speaks, with the last word echoeing a few times in the room.

Basil Blackheart: I am not!!! Release me!!!

The voice repeats itself over and over again as Blackheart is freaking out. He was already tired of strugling in the chains. finally his body dropped forward as dead weight making his arms take all of the pressure. The chains restrained him from resting his weight on the ground.

Guard: Crying won't help you boy.

The mysterious voice was still spekaing in Blackheart's head. He truned his head around a smuch as he could trying to catch a glimpse of the guard. "weak-weak-weak" - the voice echoed in the room. "I am not!" - Basil screamed again as his eyes saw the whip whistleing towards his back. The big man closed his eyes and prepared for the pain.

Voice: Prove me wrong!

Blackheart opened his eyes, to find himself back at his cell. He was covered in cold sweat. Basil jumped out of his bed and nervously looked around in his cell. A guard walked by the cell. Still shaking Blackheart jumped towards the bars and grabbed the guard by his throat.

Basil Blackheart(shouting): What have you done to me!
Guard: What are you doing,freak!?

Two other guardsmen come to aid their college by hitting Blackheart's hand. The guard was released from the grasp as Basil fell back on his buttocks. His eyes gazed empty on the guards as if he was not seeing them. They spoke something and continued on with their job, as Blackheart stood motionless on the ground. "Prove me wrong" - he spoke to himself. "I'll prove everyone they are wrong! I'll prove I'm not weak!" - he assured himself, snaping out of his trance. Basil jumped back on his feet and leaned on the cell door.

Basil Blackheart: I'll prove my worth to the Queen!

His scream filled the hallway. The man's face changed from it's frightened grimace to the usual stone cold face with a little smirk of confidence on it. His arms were grasping the bars with such force that if they weren't magic, they would've been broken. The man was still shocked but now the horror was replaced with cold determination.
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