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Shurkle Opening (Finished)

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Shurkle Opening (Finished)

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:33 am

The night is still young and the moon is hidden behind clouds heavy with rain. A young man is seen leaning against a tree at the edge of a forrest. He has long blonde hair and wears a pair of training pants and a black hoodie with red markings. His long body is muscular, but it is still easy to see that he is in his late teens. A huge scar is easily seen going from his left pectoral and ending between the eyes, covering most of his upper body's left side. He's looking towards the city named Sendai - the place he had previously called home. The youth looks down at his bloodied shivering hands.

Shurkle: "Pfft that boy had a hard head."

The distant sound of sirens can be heard through the night. The youth shrugs and starts walking along a path leading deeper into the forrest as he thinks back to what had happened earlier that day...

The scene changes:
... In a pit like arena in the cellar of a grocery store one can see Shurkle and a young boy. Shurkle is a veretan of an underground no holds barred fighting club and the boy is a new recruit. They are surrounded by stands filled with people. The crowd have a crazed look in their eyes. Shurkle looks towards the young boy.

Crowd *yells with excitement*: "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!"

With adrenaline pumping through their bodies the two fighters face each other. Shurkle has a crazed look of happiness while his opponent trembles with fear.

Shurkle *thinks to himself*: "I am finally going to fight! YES! But this boy... How is he supposed to beat me?! Me! The champion of champions!"

Shurkle *shouts out loud*: "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!"

*Crowd chants in agreement*

Shurkle *lowers his voice*: "Boy, how old are you?"

Boy tries to answer: "f-f-f... fifteen."

Shurkle: "Pathetic. What is there to be afraid of? Injury? Blood? That is the price we pay to fight. To get better. Boy, embrace fear. Embrace pain. They are your friends. Embrace them and you shall become invincible!"

Tears are running down the boy's chin as he yells: "I.. I AM NOT AFRAID!"

Shurkle *whispers*: "ohh yes you are... I can feel your fear."

Shurkle *shouts to the crowd*: "DO YOU WANT TO SEE SOME BLOOD?!"

Suddently the boy charges Shurkle. In a swift sidestep Shurkle avoids the charge and starts laughing. Provoked by the laughter the boy throws a flurry of punches towards Shurkle. Shurkle blocks the punches effortlessly and connects with a counter left hook to the boy's ear.

Shurkle: "You should start feeling dizzy by now!"

The boy continues to throw punches towards Shurkle, but as he slows down Shurkle counter attacks. Shurkle charges the boy and puts him on the ground, makes his way to a full mount position and starts raining down punches. This goes on for 20 seconds until the boy's face is a crimson mask of blood.

Shurkle rises up, turns towards the crowd and yells: "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!"

The crowd responds with silence. They are pointing at something behind Shurkle. He slowly turns around to see the boy standing up. His leggs are wobbly, his face busted open and his arms doesn't seem to work.

The boy *whispers*: "Come at me. Try to knock me out."

Shurkle: "There is no point in fighting anymore. You have lost. Give up. I do not want to fight weaklings like you. Live to fight another day."

Boy *yells*: "I.. AM.. NOT.. A.. WEAKLING!!"

The boy charges Shurkle yet again, but Shurkle avoids the punches and grabs the boy by the waist throwing him over his head with a modified belly to belly suplex. The boy hits the floor head first and a crack can be heard throughout the area. The boy's skull was split open.

Someone in the crowd yells: "MURDERER! CALL THE POLICE!"

Shurkle runs away from the area and towards the forrest in the outskirts of the town - smiling with glee as the thrill of the chase sets in....

... As Shurkle moves deeper into the forrest the growth grows thicker. After 30 minutes of walking he can barely move without having to brush branches aside. Then suddently a voice can be heard. It sounds like a woman singing or humming a pure and beatiful song.

Shurkle *yells*: "Who's there?"

No one responds.

Shurkle: "I can hear you! Come out!"

Nothing. Shurkle starts walking towards where he thought he'd heard the woman's voice. After what seems like an eternity the forrest grows thinner and he steps into a glade with a small lake. The rain stopped and the moon finally appeared. Not 20 meters away stands a beatiful woman shrouded in mist. Her long white blonde hair shines in the moonlight and her face is beatiful beyond belief. Her large blue eyes are fixated on Shurkle.

Shurkle: "Who... Who are you?"

Woman: "Who am I? I am no one. I am but a lonely woman trying to get out of this terrible forrest."

She slowly walks towards Shurkle.

Shurkle: "STOP! Don't come any closer!"

The woman continues walking towards Shurkle with a hypnotizing gaze. When she reaches him, she touches his shoulder. Her touch makes Shurkle's body freeze up.


Woman: "What will you do about it? Kill me? Like you did with that poor boy?"

Fear crawls up Shurkle's spine.

Shurkle: "H-h-how do you know? ANSWER ME!"

Woman: "I know everything about you. I know you think of yourself as a warrior. I know you thrive in battles. I know you are looking to improve your skills as a fighter!"

Shurkle's curiosity and lust for battle overcame the fear.

Shurkle: "Yes. Yes I am. I have beaten everything there is to beat! How can YOU present a challenge to ME?!"

Woman: "You have beaten everything in THIS world, yes. Join me and I will show you a world full of new challenges. Fight. Bleed. Thrive."

Shurkle regains control of his body as the woman starts to walk away from him.

Woman: "Come, young one. I will show you the way."

Together they walked throught the pale moonlight towards the shadows of something that looked like some kind of a gateway or portal. The woman walked through, but Shurkle hesitated. After looking back, thinking of all that had happened that day, he took a deep breath and stepped through.

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Re: Shurkle Opening (Finished)

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:51 am

Nice opening segment. Doesn't seem like you're new to this at all. One mini error tho.
Shurkle *shouts out loud*: "IS THIS WHAT YOU WHAT YOU WANT?!"


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Re: Shurkle Opening (Finished)

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:00 am

Thank you Smile And thanks for pointing out the spelling error! I should have seen that one myself lol x)


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Re: Shurkle Opening (Finished)

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:11 pm

That's a great rp, good job with it.

But now that you have started, you need to figure out what to do next, we have two more weeks left, the second one being the ppv.


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Re: Shurkle Opening (Finished)

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