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Keele and Gaia Before Gaia's match ( Finished)

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Keele and Gaia Before Gaia's match ( Finished)

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:13 am

Keele walks into the training room with a troubled look on his face. He starts pacing back and forth til finally he comes to a rest right in front of Gaia. She can see the look of stress on his face. Almost all the color drained as he opens his mouth to speak to her.

Keele: Just got a bit of bad news from one of the guards.

His face droops a bit in a depression of sorts. Gaia gets up from her sitting position looking slightly worried. Keele starts pacing back and forth again, wiping the sweat off his face he breaks the news to Gaia

Keele: Well, looks like you're gonna be in a match tonight.

A look of relief comes over Gaia. This news doesnt seem to be that bad at all. I mean they are a tag but any match is a good match to her. She's never minded a fight in her life.

Gaia: Ah no worries. Everything is gonna be fine. We'll just get through this week and shoot into the ppv like crazy, take out The Serpent and Gajeel, and be home free with those tag titles.

Keele: Thats just the problem though.

Keele stops pacing and looks Gaia in the eyes

Keele: Your match tonight comes with a few interesting stipulations.

Gaia loses a bit of her composure but doesnt look to worried by Keele's words. Overconfidence was one of her downfalls in life

Gaia: Oh yeah? Interesting. Any idea what those are?

Keele starts pacing again back and forth, mumbling to himself. By now Gaia is on the verge of freaking out. All the nervousness coming from Keele makes her think that tonight is gonna be some sort of deathmatch. But she knows better. She thinks to herself Probably him just overreacting again. Nothing new coming from a wimp like him. But meh, why not entertain myself a bit and hear what he has to say.

Gaia:Well spill it! What is going on?

Once again he stops in front of her. Finally Gaia raises her hand and slaps him right across the face!

Gaia:Just tell me what the hell is going on!?!

Keele:Tonight you're not fighting for just some simple win. You wont be fighting for just the sake of the fans yearning for blood to be spilt in the arena. No, this time it'll go beyond that. As much as i dont like it, tonight you will be fighting for the sake of our tag team.

Keele lets out a slight frown as if he just lost his best friend. not like Gaia has even knew Keele long enough for this to phase her

Gaia: Stupid boy had me worried for no reason. Come on, we dont even know each other. No reason to huff and puff over silly little stipulations that dont matter. Besides, you know im gonna win anyway.

Gaia lets out a slight smile

Gaia: One things for sure though.

Keele looking slightly hurt bows his head. after those words he cant even look Gaia in the eye, or find the power in him to contain his screams. But he keeps his mouth shut and clinches his fist. Trapped in his mind he can only think of one thing.

                                            I Hate THIS PLACE

He snaps back to reality, raises his head and locks eyes with Gaia yet again

Keele: And whats this.

Gaia walks up to Keele, Slowly brings her hand up, and touches his cheek

Gaia: We have a much better chance with me fighting in this match and not you.

Gaia lets out a loud laugh as she walks away. By now Keele doesnt know what to think. He has encountered so many different people here and not one, ONE will take the time to actually take him serious. Once again rage and anger starts building in him. His eyes starting to tear up and he clinches his hand into a fist of rage. He thinks to himself,
                                              No one cares.

It's finally starting to set in ripping and tearing at him like pins and needles striking his body.

Nobody here could give a crap what happens to me. None of them. Everyone thinks im just some wimp who dances in the ring like a clown, waiting to be used as a punching bag.

He clinches his fist harder and harder until blood can be seen dripping off his knuckles and falling to the ground.

Well that will end today.

Keele:That ends Now!

Keele turns to the concrete pillar standing in front of him and delivers a haymaker to it, Smashing it to a dusty,smokey mess! The torment and pain he feels all starts to fall away when the pain he feels from punching the pillar brings,in a strange and sickening way, a smile to his face.

Well, if its blood they want, then i shall give it to them

He turns to the exit and proceeds to leave and walk through the portal and back to his cell.


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