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Mystery Figure (To go in Damion's Punishment)

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Mystery Figure (To go in Damion's Punishment)

Post by Sephira on Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:30 am

Just then the sound of a feint Piano can be heard around the area. The lights turn red as a figure makes their way to the ring. The crowd goes quiet as this figure makes their way to the ring while Rae stands aside and opens the ring ropes for them.

The mysterious beauty walks towards Damion MacSteele and stands before him. The figure before him, a women of peerless beauty nods towards Rae. They both stand stand on each side of Damion, tenderly placing their fingers against his waist.

As Rae strokes her hands up along his side, the mysterious women places her hand against Damion's face, her palm covering his sewn mouth. At that, she loosens the threads slightly and places her finger into Damions mouth while placing her own finger into her mouth and letting out a smile, teasing Damion as she slowly begins to wiggle her finger about in his mouth, forcing the remaining threads to pull on his skin, causing Damion extreme pain.

She then lets out a sympathetic sigh before slowly pulling her finger back out and then placing it into Rae's mouth, who willingly tastes the blood from Damion's wounds. She then tenderly strokes Damion's face before slowly pulling the threads back together, tightening his mouth shut. At that moment she turn's around and lets out a kiss to the fan's before swiftly super kicking Damion in the gut, winding him.

Rae wriggles her finger's towards Damion, giving a smirk, forcing him to follow despite his vain attempts to resist. The 3 of them then leave the ring and head backstage, leaving the Crowd in complete silence.
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