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Keele Serpent and Gajeel after the switch up in tag (finished)

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Keele Serpent and Gajeel after the switch up in tag (finished)

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:03 am

Back in the training room, after watching what has unfolded before him earlier in the night, Keele decides to confront The Serpent about the recent events

Keele: So it looks like we will be tagging together from here on out.

The Serpent says nothing

Keele: Well we may as well make the best of it.

The Serpent keeps his silence

Keele: Hello! You in there?

Serpent: Just leave me be.

Keele: Hmm. The silent type.

The Serpent begins to become annoyed by Keele's talking.

Serpent: Please, just leave me be.

Keele: Okay, whatever man. All i wanted to know is if you are gonna bring your best during the PPV or if you fold under pressure.

Serpent becomes slightly enraged by Keele's use of words

Serpent: Just let me be!

With serpents back to the entrances of the training room, only Keele can see that Gajeel has entered, and looks mischievous. And given the events that have taken place, this may not be the best time to cause a scene. Keele turns his attention back the The Serpent, still doing his best to ignore any and all around him

Keele: Well this oughta be fun.

The Serpent keeps to his ignorance until he hears a voice, which he instantly realizes the annoying little runt has entered into the conversation

Gajeel:*Laughs* Looks like me and Gaia's plan went to perfection.

Keele instantly turns to Gajeel in a fit of antisipation. And part confusion

Keele: What are you talking about? What plan?

Gajeel smirks as he looks at both The serpent, still ignoring everyone, and Keele

Gajeel: What, do you really think Gaia could lose to Vicious Wolf? Please. We set that up.

Keele: What!?!

Gajeel has a bit of excitement in him now that he knows he is getting under Keele's skin. Even caught The Serpents attention now

Gajeel: Yeah, we planned this all out. You of course Keele being a weakling of your tag, and you serpent, being the weakling of ours.

Serpent: Dont kid yourself boy.

Gajeel: So Gaia purposely threw her match tonight so we would be a tag. Gotta say, it was brilliant when she told me her plans.

Gajeel looks over at Keele and lets out a smirk, then laughs

Keele: So this was all her plan huh.

Something in Keele snaps inside. But his face remains calm

Keele: Cant say i blame him. i am after all, the "weak link" right?

Gajeel laughs. Serpent can sense something in Keele and gives him a once over. This isnt good at all he thinks to himself. But its gonna be fun. He smiles at Keele

Keele: Am i right Gajeel?

Gajeel: Thats what she said.

Keele: The clown? The one who cant fight worth a damn? Thats me. *Keele lets a smile break out of his face* The loser. I Hear it all. The announcers, my partner, my opponents. Y'all think the same. Hell, even the guy doing interviews says it. The guards, the refs. You all make your jokes and hint at my fighting skills. That im the "Weak Link" am i right Gajeel?

in this moment gajeel is Laughing hysterically at what Keele is saying. As usual not taking him seriously at all. After letting it all out of his system he replys

Gajeel: Yeah i think you pretty much sum it up there. Thats why you and serpent mesh together SO nicely as a tag. You both suck!

Gajeel Laughs

suddenly in the blink of an eye, Keele charges at Gajeel, Jumping on him and taking him to the ground. He positions himself to hold down Gajeel's arms with his knees and starts brutally punching him in the face before Gajeel can even react. Serpent sits back in shock at the events that are taking place. Not quite sure how to react. Keele Continues to punch Gajeel, Landing every blow to the face. Viciously Knocking out 3 teeth and busting his nose. Two guards finally take note of the events and charge in, running up to the bloody mess on the floor

Guard: What the hell are you...

Before the guard can even finish his sentance The Serpent jumps over Keele, still beating on Gajeel, and lands on the guards in a cross nody,knocking the three of them all to the floor. He begins to fend them off, as he's enjoying the beatdown Keele is giving, Laughing the whole time. Three more guards enter the room and pry The Serpent off of the previous two, then proceed on to Keele and Gajeel.

Head Guard:Alright thats enough you two! Save it for next week!

The guard pulls off Keele but the damage has been done. Gajeel lays on the floor, his face covered in blood so much you cant even make out its him anymore. There's more teeth on the ground then in his mouth at this point. His nose is broken in 2 places visably seen, and looks like a tomato on his face. There's two cuts over each of his eyes and they have already swelled up to the point where there is no way Gajeel would be able to see out of them. Three of the guards push Keele and The serpent back and toward the exit of the room, as The Serpent is laughing. Keel lets out one more scream at Gajeel

Keele: You go back and show Gaia your face, then send her a message. I'll have both your asses next week!

Three guards push them out of the room and escort them back to their respectful cells as two rush to Gajeel. Carefully they help him to his feet and escort him to the nurse as the camera fades to black


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