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Shurkle/Lilynette join RP (not finished)

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Shurkle/Lilynette join RP (not finished)

Post by Sephira on Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:29 am

The Scene shows a small prison cell with brick walls and one solid barred door. A toilet and a sink is seen by the east wall, while by the north wall a small bed is lined up. In the bed lies a young man. He is awake, but there's something odd about him. He is completely calm, lying streched out with his arms behind his head. Thinking.

Shurkle: How did I end up in this place.

Thinking back to a couple of hours past.

Shurkle *thinking*: The last thing I remember is following that strange woman through some kind of gateway... Or maybe a portal.

Shurkle gets up and walks towards the barred door.

Shurkle: Hmm this looks more like a prison than a fighting facility if you ask me.

Shurkle hears a voice.

Voice: Go.... Goo..... Come to me......

Shurkle *Shouting*: Anybody here?

A couple of minutes pass as Shurkle listens for more sounds. Nothing. As the silence continues Shurkle grows tired of waiting. He starts bashing his fists against the door, desperate for something to happen when he hears a *click*. The door swings open.

Shurkle: The most secure place I have ever been locked up! Time to do some fun...

Confident in his fighting abilities Shurkle walks along a corridor, not afraid of what could happen if he got spotted.

Voice: Come... Come to me....


Suddently a guard appears.

Guard: Who's there?

Shurkle: Finally some fun! Are you strong? You can't be.. You're a woman! HAH!

Guard: Get back in your cell weakling. You don't stand a chance against me.

Shurkle: Weakl... WEAKLING?!?! I WILL SHOW YOU!

Shurkle throws a roundkick towards the female guard who expertly blocks the blow and instantly counter attacks with a straight left. Shurkle barely manages to duck under the punch, but slips and falls to the ground. The female guard jumps on him into a full mount raining down punches. Shurkle desperately tries to block her punches with his left hand while his right hand searches for some kind of a weapon to use. Finally after what seems like an eternity his hand brushes against a rock. His face is bloodied up, his left arm is hurting and with the last of his strength he manages to smash the rock against the guard's head. She falls towards the ground.

Shurkle: That was unexpected!

Sounds of footsteps can be head from both sides of the corridor, as more guards come to subdue Shurkle.

Shurkle: One.... Two... Five... Eight... Ten... TEN!? You gotta be kidding me!

The guards boxes Shurkle in.

Guard: Lay down the rock, weakling.

Shurkle: Weakl... Did you not see what I did to her?! I can do that to all of you!

The guards starts laughing.

Guard: You won't stand a chance against us. I will only say this once more: LAY DOWN THE ROCK.

Shurkle looks from one guard to another, assessing the situation, calculating his odds.

Shurkle: Fine! Fine...

Shurkle drops the rock, and two of the guards walks towards him. They seize him and starts walking down the hall.

Shurkle: Hey! This is not the way to my cell! Where are we going?

Guard: That is none of your business you imbecile.

Shurkle: There's no reason for that... You hag!

The guard lifts her hand.

Shurkle: FINE! Fine... I will keep my mouth shut.

They finally reaches a door lined with gold. As they knock on it, a woman's voice can be heard.

Woman: Enter

Guard: Here he is Queen Lilynette. The weakling who just arrived.

Shurkle: Here I am! Who are you and what am I doing LOCKED UP! This was not what I was promised!

Lilynette slowly turns around, smiling brightly at Shurkle before point towards the door.

Lilynette: Guards, leave us alone.

The guards turn and leave the room.

Lilynette walks towards Shurkle and bends down in front of him in curiosity, standing face to face with him.

Lilynette: Now, who do we have here. Ah yes, i believe you are the wrong named Shurkle? Cute.

Lilynette stands back up, towering over Shurkle.

Shurkle: Yes I am Shurkle. I came here to beat up the best guys you have!

Lilynette chuckles softly, placing her hand against her cheek and tilting her head to the side.

Lilynette: Oh is that so...

Lilynette bends down again, looking Shurkle face to face before placing her finger against his nose.

Lilynette: What if i said i could make that happen hmm?

Lilynette smiles and places her finger against Shurkles lips before he could answer. Soon she turns and begins walking towards a set of stools as a shocked Shurkle recovers.

Shurkle: Really?

Lilynette: Yes. However, there is one thing I require first. Sit.

Without given a chance to think before acting, Shurkles body moves towards the seat. He then sits on one of the stools while Lilynette pulls a blade from the wall and propering it at an angle behind Shurkle.

Lilynette: So, you want to be a crowd pleaser right? You want to feel the glory as the crowd scream your name while the opponent blood, drips through your fingers? But there is always a price.

Lilynette steps besides Shurkle, her wings expanded. She then steps between his legs and sits herself onto his knees, wrapping her wing behind him, incasing the blade she placed from his view. She then moves her body close to his yet keeping a short distance of contact as if she was teasing him. She leans slightly forward, placing her head beside his and begins to whipser softly into his ear...

"If you wish to seek eternal glory, you must first vow your body and soul to me"

Shurkles heart begins racing at those words, as Lilynette begins to motion her hands against his chest, setting her fingers dead centre of his chest line, pushing him backwards as her wings begin to rise up. Suddenly, he feels a pericing pain as his back touches the edge of the blade Lilynette had placed behind him. As he winces in pain, Lilynette shushes him and places her other hand against his back, holding him steady against the top of the blade.
She then pushes against his chest with her fingers, causing her claws so slowly pericing through his clothing and into his flesh, causing Shurkle to wince in pain as she slowly moves her fingers down towards his stomach, cutting through him. As she reaches his lower rib cage she stops and holds her fingers in place while lifting a shocked Shurkle up from the sword, sitting him upright while she turns her body towards his own while still sitting on his knee.

She then goes to tilt her head back towards his own, whispering once against in his ear's, this time sounding much more devilish then before.

"You think you've experienced pain before, but I promise you that if you defy my Realm you will be submitted to an experience like no other".

She then steps off from his knee and drags him off the Stool as he falls to the floor. At that she walks to the main doors and calls in the Guards who then rush into grab and drag Shurkle. As he is dragged by she stops the Guards and kneel's down to his level and places her hands against his chin, lifting his head up to look her in the eye before kissing him on the cheek. Shurkle in complete shock notices his cheek start to burn as he watch Lilynette stand up and walk away before finding himself thrown out of the doors by the Guards and the Doors be slammed shut.
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