Queen's Blade Championship
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Chris is on his own.... or so you think.

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Chris is on his own.... or so you think.

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:46 pm

The scene turns to a dim, empty filthy cell where the 7'5'' foot tall giant sits there alone on the floor with his head lowered, rested in his palms. He is wearing baggy black sweatpants and is shirtless, he is breathing so heavily that it can be almost heard echo through the hallways, he suddenly starts talking to himself

Chris Hunt: Damn traitors...I don't need them, I'm a damn giant, the best here....I'll destroy anybody at any given time, screw them....and that pale prick, thinks he can manipulate my damn mind, let's see how his puny inferior body can do against my wrath.....

Chris Hunt raises his head up, looks straight and opens his eyes wide, as if he came to a sudden realization.

Chris Hunt: But it's a fatal four way match....what if someone takes advantage of MY work...NO!!

Chris Hunt starts breathing even more heavily and a bit faster now, then with a quick, swift movement he raises his arm and punches the wall next to him, which doesn't leave a crack

Chris Hunt: [almost yelling] I AM the best in here!! I will be the damn champion!!

Chris pauses as the camera zooms closer into his face

Chris Hunt: .....at any cost.

The camera fades to black

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