Queen's Blade Championship
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Show 4 opening commentary - need narration from lily

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Show 4 opening commentary - need narration from lily

Post by @Magnum on Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:45 am

Nanael: Welcome everyone to Queen’s Blade Championship. Tonight every match is a tournament match and not only that we have two special guests with us. Taki and Sigui who call the pit matches.

Airi: Oh how wonderful we have Sigui here. Another annoying little girl like you Nanael.

Nanael: That is not nice Airi.

Airi: Not nice how about the headshot to me last week, you forget about that?

Taki and Sigui come and take their seats next to Nanael

Nanael: Anyways here come Taki and Sigui, welcome ladies how are you this evening.

Sigui: Great Nanael glad to be here calling matches with you and Airi.

Taki: I’m just glad to be out of the pits and calling some real matches.

Nanael: Those guys put on great matches in the pits what are you talking about Taki?

Airi: Just ignore her Taki; she is just a little annoying piece of trash who is lucky I don’t hit her with a chair.

Sigui: We have a great show tonight, some real great matches with a couple of debuts.

Nanael: That’s right Kenny Knight makes his first appearance in the QBC facing off against Dogpyle.

Airi: Boring Dogpyle will win.

Taki: I agree with Airi.

Nanael: We shall see. Magnum is also back in action with another match with Damian Dracor. Damian will be looking for some retribution after what Magnum did to him two weeks ago.

Airi: Finally Magnum in a match. Should be more domination by Magnum.

Taki: I have been waiting a while for to see Magnum in action, very excited.

Sigui: We also have the debut of Shurkle and a match up between GaiaGaia and Vicious Wolf.

Nanael: That should be an excellent match. We will also hear from Chris Hunt and much more so stay tuned in for what should be an amazing pre-show to our pay-per-view Surgical Bleedout next week.


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