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The Nightmares begin part II (closing show segment)

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The Nightmares begin part II (closing show segment)

Post by BasilBlackheart on Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:52 am

The camera takes us to the training room, where Basil Blackheart is the only man around. He is standing next to a wall hitting it periodically with his fists. “My weakness should be punished” – he speaks to himself striking the wall in anger – “It should be beaten out of me!”. The man starts hitting the wall harder and harder. His eyes are not seeing the wall, they are seeing pictures of Blackheart’s last match. There is no sign of the desperate man that was in the cell, now he was replaced by a man filled with anger, anger towards himself. The room was filled with the sound of flesh meeting stone. From time to time Basil will let out an enraged shout. He was getting tired from all the wall punching, which was visible by the slower pace with which he was hitting the wall. The mysterious voice of a woman whispered in his ear – “weak” – to snap him out of his trance. Blackheart stopped hitting the wall and visible calmed down. With heavy breathing the man began seeing with his eyes, leaving the flash backs from the match in the back of his mind. The man saw the damage he caused to the wall. It was not much, or at least visibly, as it was covered in blood. Basil looked at his hand and saw them trembling and covered in blood. His palms were twitching, his knuckles were bruised. The skin was torn from the stone and blood was dripping from his hands. Blackheart carefully rubbed his right knuckle in his left palm. The cracking of bones made him realize how far he had gone. The man couldn’t feel his hands. “Is that punishment enough?”- he asked himself, as his vision was getting little blurry.”I don’t know.” – he answered himself, still inspecting the damage he has done to himself. “Weak” – the mysterious voice whispered again in his ear, making him hit the wall once again in anger, this time he felt the pain. “I’m not!” – he mumbled, as if he was trying to convince himself. His vision blurred for a second before he could again look at his twitching hands. Suddenly the silence in the room is interrupted by someone’s steps.

Basil Blackheart: Who’s there?

The man instantly turned around with his face once again conquered by anger. The camera zooms in Basil’s face to see it freeze from the view. The angry expression disappeared in a heartbeat and was now replaced by a surprised look. As the camera zooms out the armored man falls on one knee and bows his head down. The camera reviews a shadow figure standing in front of Basil, with its back towards the camera. As the man was about to speak the scene blacks out.

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