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Guard learns a lesson

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Guard learns a lesson

Post by @Magnum on Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:07 pm

The scene is set in a pub somewhere in the middle of the city where we find three of the Queen’s female guards

Guard 1: This beer is terrible. It tastes like piss water to me.

Guard 3: So you like have drank piss water before?

Guard 1: NO you idiot it’s just an expression.

Guard 2: She’s lying she’s definitely tasted urine before, I know for a fact.

Guard 3: What? Really?

Guard 1: Please don’t tell her, I beg of you, I will you know pleasure you if you don’t tell.

Guard 2: Your pleasuring sucks. I’ve had combatants pleasure me better than you after brutal matches with our Queen.

Guard 1: Don’t tell please?

Guard 3: Oh you have to tell me the piss story now you just have to.

Guard 1: Whatever you know they say its healthy.

The other 2 guards laugh as Guard 2 gets up to tell the story

Guard 2: It was me, Guard 1 and the Queen in the pits. One of the prisoners had attempted to escape and the Queen ordered the two of us to bash his skull in.

Guard 3: Why didn’t the Queen do it herself?

Guard 2: We were new she wanted to test us. So I said sure but this one over here points to guard 1 had the shakes and didn’t want to do it.

Guard3: She went against the Queen’s orders?

Guard 2: Yup and the Queen was not happy.

Guard 3: I wouldn’t think so.

Guard 2: So the Queen said to her if she doesn’t bash his skull in with her boot within the next 5 seconds she was going to make her drink her own urine.

Guard 3: That’s such a weird punishment.

Guard 2: Well Guard 1 was so scared she pissed her pants anyways.

Guard 3: How embarrassing haha.

Guard 1: Yes it was and to finish the story the Queen made me strip rinse the umm urine off my pants into a cup and drink it. She told me the next time I disobey an order it will be something else I’ll be putting down my mouth that will be even more foul.

The other two guards chuckle as they order another round of drinks.

Guard 1: And please make sure it doesn’t taste like piss.

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