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Rae's Bloodlust

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Rae's Bloodlust

Post by Sephira on Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:40 am

The camera cuts to the Medic center, as Rae is holding a needle in her hand. Damion MacSteele can be seen laying on the bed, his eyes watching Rae sharply.

Rae: Now now, this won't hurt a bit

Rae smiles deviously, before stabbing the needles into Damion's neck, slowly pushing on the spring, forcing a form of liquid into Damion's veins. As she goes to pull the needle out, she decides to twist the needles to the side, causing the needle to dislodge and cause an open wound as it exits the skin.

Rae giggles to herself, putting the needles to her face to examine the blood that now stains the steel. She then notices the open wound on Damion's neck, the blood slowly dribbling down onto the bed. She slowly moves over to the bed, kneeling down and placing her lips near the wound. She sniff's eagerly, tasting the blood in her throat from the smell alone.

Her eyes start to change, as her tongue licks her lips. She starts to let of a feint squeak of excitement, as the taste from the smell sends chills down her spine. Damion, still maintaining feeling in his body, unable to express any sense of pain or emotion, can only watch as Rae becomes excited. His heart racing as he loses blood.

Rae rubs her finger's along the wet bed-sheet, dipping her fingers into the blood. She slowly puts her fingers into her mouth, the taste of blood driving her senses wild. As her legs buckle, she leans forward, her tongue slowly contacting Damion's neck. Just before her tongue touches Damion's wound, she regains her senses and regains composer.

Standing back up, she moves to a desk, throwing a clothes into Damion's face.

Rae: Clean yourself up, now.

Damion's body follows her command, as he places the clothes against the wound, stopping the blood from dribbling down onto his kilt as he sits up.

Rae: You have a special match tonight. I will be there. Until then, go and prepare yourself.

Damion's eyes widen, looking Rae in the face, noticing her eyes slowly changing back to normal, yet still not fully. As he gets up and leaves; the camera shows Rae kneeling back towards the bed, her nose pressed into the blood soaked sheets as she once again lets of a sound of excitement.

Before she could indulge herself, the camera suddenly blacks out.
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