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Shurkle and the Guards

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Shurkle and the Guards

Post by Sephira on Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:38 am

The scene cuts to the Pits, as Shurkle is seen bloody and torn following his match with Kenny Knight. As he shuffles in self defeat along the corridors, he suddenly finds himself in the presence of two female guards.

Both originally pay no heed to him. However, as he shuffles by, one turns and notices him.

Female Guard 1: Hey you! Don't I know you...

Suddenly the second Guard turns, recognizing Shurkles face.

Female Guard: Hey, that's that boy who caused trouble before!

The Guards look at each other, smiling at reach other and winking. Suddenly they both go to grab Shurkle and pin him against the wall.

Shurkle: Get off me, you hags! Let em go!

Shurkle fidgets, trying to wriggle himself free. The Guards turn to each other.

Female Guard 1: I think this might just be the one.

Female Guard 2: Oh, I think you might be right! Let's teach him a lesson huh?

The Guard's slam him into the wall hard, watching as he slumps down. Suddenly one of the Female Guard's grabs Shurkles ankle and drags him along the floor. The other Female Guard looks down as Shurkle, giggling to herself.

Suddenly the Female Guard stops dragging Shurkle and legs him go. She walks up to him, placing her boot on his chest.

Female Guard 1: We are going to make you pay for what you did last week!

She suddenly starts pumping her foot against his chest like a heart beat, increasing the force behind her leg as she goes. Shurkle let's out a gag each time as the guard winds him repeatably, crushing his rib cage under her boots. A look of enjoyment can be seen on her face, as she increases the reputation between each pump.

Female Guard 2: You're not doing it hard enough! He should be made to cry, not to gag! I think you should crush him.

At that, the second guard stands between Shurkles legs, slamming her foot onto his gut. She then begins to stomp her foot down repeatably, forcing Shurkle to spit blood. Both guards begin to motion together, one guard slamming her foot onto his stomach with the other pumping her foot into his rib cage.

Shurkle soon begins to let of multiple whines, as tears can be seen slowly dripping down his cheek. The Guards decide to stop and croutch next to him, laughing as they watch someone who showed so much confidence previous, be broken so quickly.

Female Guard 1: Awww, look at that. We made him cry. Shame for you, I have one last thing in store.

She places her boot onto Shurkles face and begins to wipe her boot against his flesh, using his skull as a door mat. As she lifts her boot off, the second guard giggles before kicking dirt into Shurkles eyes. They both turn and walk off, laughing to each other and Shurkle is left on the floor.

He pulls himself to his stomach, coughing blood. Wiping the tears from his cheeks, her pulls himself back to his cell.
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