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Flashback meeting.

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Flashback meeting.

Post by Vicious Wolf on Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:33 am

A much younger Vicious Wolf is seen climbing the trail to a mountain training camp. He was informed of the camps existence by his father and knew that if that good for nothing was willing to contact him, he knew he had to check it out. From what Wolf had learned from research the camp was a training ground for elite fighters and they would take in anyone with the natural talent or the money to get in. Wolf had to use his natural talent as he was broke, being overly violent was a problem when it came to holding a job. For those like wolf who could not pay their way in there was one option. A thin and treacherous mountain path, wolf climbed through it using his agility, noticing the many bodies and bones of those less fortunate. Wolf knew all too well that the strong flourished and the weak would perish. This was of no surprise to him and he welcomed the challenge, it showed how serious this camp was and perhaps it would even make him stronger. As he finished the course a large man in army attire was waiting for him. He introduced himself as the main instructor for the camp and said he would train the three most promising recruits of the year and that there was already a cabin prepared for him.Vicious Wolf shook hands with the instructor and headed towards the cabin that had been prepared for him taking in the sights, the mountains around the camp formed a bowl with the only possible entrances being from the path or from the sky. The accomodation was basic log cabins designed to make your stay as uncomfortable as possible, all to toughen you up for the time you spend here. Wolf came to the log cabin that he was ordered to go to. However he felt uneasy there was another presence in here. A human was going to be sharing the same lodgings as this mighty half demon the insolence.Wolf walks into the cabin he does not see anyone at first but then he notices on one of the beds sits a young teenager, not much different in age to himself. Wolf felt a bit more sadistic rather than angry and decided to try and torment the young boy.

Vicious Wolf: So you are my new plaything youngling, Perhaps I will treat you nicely and we can work together, or more likely I will rip you apart like a chew toy.Hahaha So what is your name you sorry excuse for a mammal?

( Your turn Dogpyle)

Vicious Wolf

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Re: Flashback meeting.

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:06 am

The young rather thin man across the room with his light green hair and the army west on, looks into the face of the half demon half man, puts on a small confident smile before completely ignoring the Wolf and continuing unpacking his rather large backpack, which he is carrying around like it had feathers in it. He then starts talking without even looking at Wolf.

Dogpyle: Yeah, I heard you were a feisty one. Makes me wonder how that kind of attitude got you here. I assume you know what kind of young men get grouped here, which makes me think of your lack of judgement skills when you threaten a man you don't know a single thing about.

Before he can continue Wolfs fangs slowly come out and they can be clearly heard across the room. As Wolf jumps Dogpyle turns pulling out the knife he has in his pocket and in one motion puts it right at Wolf's throat.
He then goes right into Wolf as their hight seems almost identical. Dogpyle goes right into Wolf as you couldn't put a single page in between them.

Dogpyle: Now I know this wont kill you, but it will sure damn hurt you. So just sit and let's talk. We will have to live here together for all of this Summer. Might as well get used to eachother.

He then pulls off the knife and in swift motion and puts it in the special designed pocket fitting right with the custom made knife.

Dogpyle: So, my real name is irrelevant, but people call me Dogpyle. Why am I called that? None of your business. We all have our secrets and this is mine. Another question you might have is what am I doing here, just a kid? Well first of all I have the work ability like non other, I actually work hard and didn't get given with some special abilities like you for example. I have the talents in my bloodline. I'm a 2nd generation fighter and all I know my father tought me. That, my working ability and my God given athleticism got me to where I am now. One of the best young prospects just like you and everyone else in this place. So at least give me the benefit of the doubt here. I'm as much of a loner as you are, but there's not like we have any choice, we are stuck here together. Now let's unpack our bags and see what comes up.

Before Wolf or Dogpyle can move a thunderous thud can be heard as the entrance doors seemed to be knocked out. Both Wolf and Dogpyle look at eachother and get ready for whatever that might be coming in.

(Chris, your part comes here)


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Re: Flashback meeting.

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:28 am

Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf stand side by side, stare at the door and raise their fists until they see a giant man holding a backpack standing outside of the door, or at least they thought he was a man, upon looking at his face they can tell that he's a boy , probably their age or a bit older.  The boy is 7 ft tall, he is wearing a tank top, baggy pants and huge hiking boots. This boy was a younger version of Chris Hunt.

Chris, still outside the shack with the door broken open infront oh him, the boy turns his face and yells.

Chris Hunt: I open the door however I damn well please you prick!!

Shortly after that,  Chris enters the room angrily, and starts talking to himself...he did not notice Dogpyle or Vicious Wolf from the rage inside of him.

Chris: Damn old man sending me to a place full of weaklings in order to ''strengthen myself'' god fucking damn it I don't need any more strength, I'm a damn titan!!

At that, Chris punches the wall in the shack, his angrily clinched up fist goes right through the wooden wall and leaves a large hole in it, Chris pulls his hand back, not showing any signs of remorse for what he did to the shack.

Dogpyle remains in the same fighting stance, despite of Chris being just human, despite of the confidence he has of his ability, he kept his fists up...he wanted to put them down to show confidence, he wanted to seem unfazed, but he just could not....the pure rage and size of this giant kid infront of him had frozen him in his place.  The teenage Vicious Wolf on the other hand, had a different approach to the giant kid standing infront of him, he put his hands down and took two steps towards him.

Vicious Wolf: Hey!! What the hell are you doing you dumb waste of space!?!

Chris, startled by the voice, quickly turns around at Vicious Wolf, he takes a few steps towards Vicious Wolf and stands right infront of him. The difference is simply massive, it is like a gorilla standing infront of a dog.
Chris Hunt: What did you just call me you puny weakling?!

Despite of Chris's massive size and intimidating voice, Wolf shows absolutely no signs of backing down, meanwhile, Dogpyle finally puts his hands down, crosses his arms  and watches the confrontation from distance

Vicious Wolf:  There is no way that you didn't hear me, especially with the size of those ears.
Chris Hunt then immediately reacts by shoving Wolf, which causes Wolf to summon his thick claws on his hand and lung at Chris, and with one swift swing he scratches Chris Hunt's arm and causes it to bleed lightly, Chris responds by swinging a fist of his own, which hits Vicious Wolf straight in the jaw but doesn't cause him to move at all, then Chris swings with his other arm but Wolf ducks, causing Chris to miss wildly.

Dogpyle moves quickly towards to the teenage brawl with intentions to break it up, he manages to pull Wolf back, Chris attempts to lung at them but Dogpyle takes out his pocket knife , extends his arm up and sticks it right under the jaw of Chris Hunt, all in one quick, swift yet powerful move.

Dogpyle: Back up, Frankenstein.

Chris Hunt looks at Dogpyle, then at Vicious Wolf, and after a few seconds he makes the obvious decision of backing down a few steps

Dogpyle puts the pocket knife back in the custom made pocket, Vicious Wolf stands in his place, calmer now, and Chris Hunt is pacing around the room

Dogpyle: Alright now if--
Dogpyle gets interrupted by a sudden noise, it was caused by Chris Hunt punching yet another hole through the shack's wall.

Vicious Wolf: DAMN IT..

Dogpyle, unlike Vicious Wolf did not give Chris's stupid action any attention.

Dogpyle: Now if you two mass egos are done trying to kill each other for apparently no reason, I would like to break in some common sense into this room...which now has no door and two holes in the wall, thanks a lot....anyway, here's what I am trying to say; none of us are happy to be here together, we clearly don't like each other very much -although I am hoping that'll change in due time-, we are forced to stay here under the same roof and most likely work together. So unless you two swallow your egos, put away your aggression, *looks at Chris* and control your anger, you are going to make our stay here very unpleasant, so for your sake before mine, let's stick together and hope that we walk out of this experiment alive and well to possibly tell our children and grandchildren about it, what do you say?

Vicious Wolf: Eh, I guess you're right....

Chris Hunt gets just a tad bit calmer, he stops pacing around the room but he is still breathing heavily, his arm is still bleeding slightly from wolf but he doesn't seem to even notice it

Chris, being the man of little words that he is, just nods and replies after a few seconds

Chris Hunt: Fine.

Dogpyle: Alright, now shake.

At that Chris immediately replies with a sense of disgust and urgency in his tone.

Chris Hunt: NO! I don't touch other people unless it's to put a beating on them, but I agreed to your long boring speech full of big words, so let's leave it at that, alright?

Vicious Wolf: Fine by me....

Dogpyle: [reluctantly] Alright then....I hope my words got through your heads, just stick together and we should survive this with ease, we have all the talent, strength, and brains we need in this room, don't let that go to waste for stupid reasons.....Oh and I forgot to ask, you, big guy, what do you go by?

Chris Hunt: Chris.
Chris then turns around and goes back to his backpack to unpack

Dogpyle: Oh and Chris, no more holes in the wall, okay...?

Chris grunts

Dogpyle: I'll take that as a yes, I guess....


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Re: Flashback meeting.

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