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Opening Segment

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Opening Segment

Post by Sephira on Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:09 am

"Goodbye my only friend". An object without life; enough to make someone feel of value when the whole world turns away from them. One that now sits by the flowers on wet soil, as it is left to watch it's only owner attempt to journey alone. If it could only move, if it could only express life; if only it could tell that little girl she was not alone and that it would follow her to the ends of the world. Words unspoken, tears that can not be shred. If only people could be more open.

As the little girl approached the walls alongside the gate, the chill from the rain reflecting on the surface, striking out like ice shards on the dark stone as her skin touchs the surface. Her fingers softly press the stone, her gaze to the top as she considers her options. The rain continues to pour, masking her tears that run down her cheeks as the realisation of her situation becomes more and more frightening. Her heart racing, her body cold; the wall giving a cold sense of welcoming her as her body comes in contact.

The moon stares up high, gazing at her like a guiding light in a cloud of darkness. Her path shadowed by the stone wall's before her. She stands, hugging the wall, her cheek pressed into the stone; hoping, wishing for a way up; a stair way to a new journey. She shuffles, running her finger's across, hoping to find a crack, a start. As she drifts her hands across the wall; she notices an opening, a feint chip in the stone, weak yet a start.

She begins to dig her finger's through, pulling the frail stone away. She attempts to grab against it, to try pull herself up. She notices more chips; desperately grabing them. The rain pours more and more, and the surfaces becomes to become wet, slippery; and her grip becoming weaker. She clings on desperately, more then ever before as she slowly makes progress, yet to top seemed so far away. Her effort's becoming pointless.

Suddenly, her grip is lost, her feet slip, leaving her hanging only by one single hand. Her finger, sores, desperately clinging on as the rain becomes to make the surface more and more slippery. The moon watches, it begins to shine its light on her, as if to give her a sense of hope, yet it is no longer enough and slowly her finger's start to weaken, her fate becoming to change to hands. As she looks up, she desperately crys, wishing she could continue, wishing if only there was a way.

"Goodbye my only friend". Her fingers slip and her hold is lost. As she screams, staring at the top of the wall as she falls. The moonlight fades, the darkness of the street overtakes as her body lands on the ground. She lays, lost and hopelessly staring to the sky. Images race through her head and many questions becomes apparent. The rain falls onto her face as she sigh's, yet she was no longer about to be alone in the night as her fall has startled someone.

Frightened, hearing the sounds of footsteps closing in, she pulls herself onto her front and begins to crawl, crawl desperately away back into the shadows of the night. As she cradles in the darkness, a young boy can be seen in the distances, startled by the sound. He makes his way along the wall's, noticing something in the distance. As he run's towards the location, he notices a small figure in the shadows, yet unsure of what he carried on. He races over to find a a small stuffed bear sitting amongst the flower's.

As he picks it up, he notices a small girl in the distances, hurt and looking in sadness, her eyes fixed on the bear, yet before he could do anything, she vanished. The boy, feeling a sense that this bear belonged to her, held is close, whispering "We will find her" to it before making his way back to shelter. The little girl sits in the shadows, watching him go; feeling sadness that her plan had failed, yet a strange sense of happiness that her bear is now in safe hands. She lays down and closes her eyes, hurt and cold but feeling a little more hope.

"We will find her"
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Re: Opening Segment

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:55 am

Nice, love it.


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