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Flashback 2

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Flashback 2

Post by Vicious Wolf on Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:22 am

It had been a month into the training camp and the first major test had begun, the challenge was that two teams of three would be taken out to a massive forest, with minimal resources. Each team is given a wireless detonator and if it is pressed will cause fireworks set on a mountain this alerts the camp leaders on who wins. for the losers however the price is costly as all three members of the team must leave the camp. The challenge was made to encourage teamwork and help to build skill sets in different environments. Dealing with the environment was no problem for our young fighters in training, team work however...

Vicious Wolf : Give me the button you sack of lard or i will throw you off that cliff!

Chris Hunt: No I am stronger and will last longer.

Vicious Wolf lunges for Chris causing him to drop the detonator, the detonator then rolls over to the feet of Dogpyle who picks it up And safely puts it away.

Dogpyle: Will you two shut up, all you ever do is argue. You can argue as much as you want once we win this.If not we will have to return to our homes. I don't know about you but I don't want to leave just yet.I will look after the detonator as I am the least likely to be suspected of carrying it.Lets keep moving and try to find our opponents.

Wolf and Chris both nod in agreement and continue to move through the forest with Chris Hunt in front. After about twenty minutes of keeping up Wolf runs in front stopping Chris from taking his next step.This clearly annoys the giant as he is not used to people getting in his way.

Vicious Wolf: Before you snap let me show you something that could have caused a lot of pain to even a skull as thick as yours.

Vicious Wolf then proceeds to pick up a stick and drag it through the ground just in front of where Chris was about to step. A noose grasps the stick tightening and lifting it ,the lifting of the wire causes a very thick branch to then swing with bone breaking  momentum exactly where a persons head would be if someone would have been lifted.

Vicious Wolf: Good trap,old school. How on earth did you almost walk into something we have been trained to avoid though?

Chris Hunt: I was not thinking.

Vicious Wolf: You never think, Thats the damn problem, now listen here. Three sets of tracks meaning that they have split up So we should split up too. Agreed?

Chris Hunt noods and the three split up.Chris Hunt is the first to meet one of the other team. the guy does not look like much physically He possesses a rucksack with lines of what appear to be wire hanging out of it. He also had a shovel in his hand, not the best weapon but one that can have impact if used correctly.

Ackbar:I am Ackbar master of traps, I shall be your opponent on this fine fine morning, now I don't really want to fight so why don't we play a game? Like tag!

With this Ackbar pulls on one of the wires revealing a network of wires in the trees above, this allows the trapmaster to maneuver through the air quickly by using reels wires, He swings past Chris tapping him on the shoulder whilst whispering " your it" into his ear.this causes Chris to become extremely angry and not think, he chases after the much faster Ackbar with the branches of trees getting in his way slowing him down.Eventually Ackbar stops on a tree branch and Chris decides to take the chance to go full throttle and catch the trickster, however as he starts to reach the tree the ground in front of his foot gives way causing him to fly forward face first. The impact is unforgiving and a loud thud is heard along with laughter from the trapper.

Ackbar: you fell for a pitfall trap! you moron , perhaps this would be a more fun game if the opponent was less of an idiot.

At that comment Chris Hunt gets up and continues to run after Ackbar trying to catch the laughing trapper, eventually they come to a clearing and Ackbar falls running out of wire to swing from, Chris walks towards the trapper feeling victorious.However as Chris gets to the center of the small clearing Ackbar's cower of fear becomes a sinister smile. Suddenly wires cause massive branches to swing into place trapping and hitting Chris firmly.Chris had walked into another clear trap.He tries to struggle but the trap is to well designed with the branches being reinforced with rivets of metal making them impossible for even the extremely strong Chris Hunt to escape. Ackbar laughs and approaches Chris. He then checks all of his pockets looking for the detonator.

Ackbar: Aw you don't have the detonator, oh well I am sure the rest of my team are going to have it easy dealing with the other two.


Vicious Wolf is seen looking for his target.

Vicious Wolf: Strange, no scent trail and not a sound being made, yet I know the tracks lead me here.There are only a few people who could hide from me this easy, This should be interesting"

As Vicious Wolf says this he feels two feet kick into his side being hit by a missile dropkick from a tree branch, the impact is severe and knocks Wolf a few feet away with him just managing to brace himself before hitting a tree trunk,He then turns to look at his assailant.

Vicious Wolf: I only know one person who can sneak up on me this well and hit such a brutal maneuver with that level of sadistic power. So how are you Vanessa my darling?

Standing in front of Wolf is his once long term lover Vanessa the female vampire, She smiles gently at Wolf before opening her mouth wider revealing extremely sharp fangs dripping with potent venom.Vanessa walks over to Wolf calmly and then grabs him by the throat   and slamming him against a tree.

Vanessa: How come everytime I take my look away for even a second you run off on some adventure and leave me at home in the castle? I am very and Darling and I want blood in pay back, I am also going to make sure you lose this challenge so you can come home with me.

Vicious Wolf: I don't bring you because you are crazy and whilst I used to find that incredibly hot it got boring after the one hundredth time you beat me up to drink my blood.Also its hard to have allies when my girlfriend kills them in there sleep!

Vanessa slams Wolf against the tree even harder.

Vanessa: now now darling we can sort out the fine details on allies killed after I beat you senseless for leaving me again. Now do yourself a favour and don't fight back  .

Vanessa smiles before throwing Wolf threw the air causing him to bash into a tree full force, his arm shatters and starts to repair.But before he can get up Vanessa is already over him.She bites into the wounded arm causing a scream of agony from Wolf.Venom rushes through his veins shutting down his power of repair.Vanessa removes her fangs and licks her lips tasting the  blood.She then picks Wolf up and Spin kicks him sending him flying through the air causing him to fly a few feet through the air.Wolf gets up still holding his injured arm.Vicious Wolf turns and runs.


Dogpyle is seen standing on a tree branch.He then quickly cuts some wires in between some branches.at that moment Ackbar the trap master comes swinging by heading straight for Dogpyle, however as he gets close the cut wires cause him to lose his grip and he falls face first into his own pitfall on the ground below.Dogpyle checks the now knocked out Ackbar looking for a detonator but finds nothing.As he climbs out of the hole he is grabed by a new opponent.The guy who grabed him was six foot seven. And towered over the teenager.

Lucian: I am Lucian, I came here to train and become strong enough to take over the world!I shall use you as an example to show how strong I am.After all there is no greater being on this planet than I.You can even have the first move to show how generous I am.After all if you do not die one day you will be my subject, maybe you should just hand over the detonator and then I will even let you live as my servant one day!

Dogpyle: ( Censored) Off!

With this Dogpyle lunges at Lucian aiming for his face  but before he can hit Lucian dodges and brings a knee into the unguarded Stomach of Dogpyle, Lucian laughs and hits Dogpyle with a punch of his own causing Dogpyle to fall backwards.As he falls Lucian grabs his head in his massive hands and runs taking Dogpyle with him and slams his head against a tree trunk Stuning Dogpyle.


Vicious Wolf had been running for a while, he managed to get away from Vanessa but he knew that as long as he was bleeding she would be able to hunt him down.As wolf runs he notices a natural cage of branches and trees, supported by wires. Wolf peers between the bars and spots the titan Chris Hunt.This gives Wolf and idea and he whispers into the cage.

Vicious Wolf: Chris, Chris!I need your help, if you listen to what I say then we will have a better chance of winning, I can free you but I need you to promise to work with me, If you do this my respect for you will increase massively.

Chris Hunt: Why should I?

Vicious Wolf : Because it will let you beat someone I cannot beat and we will not have to leave the camp. Also if this is to test our teamwork then lets show some.

Chris Hunt nods in agreement and Vicious Wolf confers the rest of his plan, Chris Hunt nods in agreement and Vicious Wolf gets into position on a branch.As he is getting ready Vanessa catches up and walks towards the branch from the ground.

Vanessa: Give it up, You will never defeat me, you just don't have the power or will to hurt me.

Vicious Wolf: You are right, with this bad arm I don't have the power to beat you, but I know someone who does!

With this Vicious Wolf cuts one of the wires using his claws causing the cage holding Chris to open, Chris Hunt then does as he was instructed and grabs Vanessa by the neck making sure she cannot bite his hand or arm.Vanessa struggles but even her strength cannot escape. Chis Hunt and Vicious Wolf walk to the edge of a nearby cliff

Chris Hunt: Are you sure about this Wolf? Wont this you know, kill her?

Vicious Wolf: nonsense it will take more than that to kill this little vampire, If this could kill her she probably would not be here to trouble us. Now sweety be a good girl and look after the castle for me.

Chris hunt drops Vanessa off the cliff and Wolf smiles and waves goodbye with his good hand.All that can be heard is the screaming of the falling vampire.

Vicious Wolf: I am so gonna pay for that when I do go home.Worth it though.

With that Vicious Wolf and Chris Hunt move on. They arrive at a clearing and notice on the other side that Dogpyle is being beaten up by Lucian, who now holds there teams detonator.He was clearly taunting saying that he could end the test anytime he wants, Chris Hunt and Vicious Woolf are too far away to reach him.Vicious Wolf gets an idea.

Vicious Wolf: Dogpyle hold him right there!Chris you know what to do.

Dogpyle Grasps onto Lucians arm holding him in place and at the same time Chris Hunt lifts Wolf by the collar and waist of his clothing, he then spins Around tossing Wolf straight towards Lucian with his one good hand forward with claws summoned like a spiky missile. As the impact from the force of the throw causes Wolf's claws to go straight through Lucians upper arm and pins into a tree trunk, trapping him and also causing him to drop the detonator.Wolf smiles deviously at Lucian who now has a look of fear and pain on his face, Chris runs over to check on Dogpyle and make sure he is ok.

Vicious Wolf: Well done guys, looks like you were right Dogpyle, if we work as a team we are unstoppable, Now you can have the honor of setting of the detonator and winning the test.

Dogpyle searches Lucian and finds the detonator.

Dogpyle: Lets end this guys.

Lucian: You cant, if I dont win I cannot rule the world, you imbeciles are going to ruin my plans, how am I going to have a reign of terror, I will have my father sue you all! After all it was him who payed to get me in here.

Vicious Wolf ducks in perfect timing as Dogpyle and Chris Hunts fists both collide with the head of the bumbling rich idiot.Lucian slumps now knocked out and Wolf removes his claws from the tree and then the arm of his victim. All three of the team mates then put their thumbs on the detonator and push it causing a massive explosion of red fireworks signaling that they had won the first test.

Dogpyle: Ok we won that because we worked as a team, without that we would have lost, I think that means that from now on we must stick together as a strong team and put all the petty squabbles behind us agreed my friends.

Vicious Wolf: Friends, I like the sound of that. It is a much nicer word than allies. I am all for it, how about you big guy?

Chris Hunt nods in agreement and the three sit down waiting on the helicopter that will air lift them out of there.

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Re: Flashback 2

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:50 am

Hah, Wolf gets constantly beaten up by his girlfriend, I guess he turns to a cat in the bedroom.


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