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Flashback 3

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Flashback 3

Post by Vicious Wolf on Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:25 am

It was the last day of camp the three fighters had found out that they finished tied in first place with each other, making them the top three fighters in the camp.The boys stayed up late around a small fire outside, now having more freedom. The camp instructor said that come morning there would be one more big surprise that would help decide the future career of the teenagers.As the three are reminiscing about some of there more memorable moments the camp instructor walks over carrying three open beer bottles with him. He hands one to each of the teens.

Instructor : Drink up boys, tomorrow you become men.This is a time to celebrate, you did an amazing thing by getting three near perfect scores between you. If it was not for that first month you would have been perfect.

The Instructor leaves and the three hit there bottles together in the air and take a drink.Slowly Dogpyle falls into a deep sleep which causes some laughter from Chris and Wolf.

Vicious Wolf: Bloody lightweight cannot even handle one little drink, I am going to draw on his face whilst he is passed out !

As Vicious Wolf stands his Vision fades and he collapses, this causes Chris hunt to stand up out of worry and then he also collapses. Just before they completely lose consciousness they can hear movement and laughing.

A few Hours Later...

Chris Hunt is the first to wake,he notices that all three of the team have been tied up. and then uses his foot to kick Dogpyle, this causes Dogpyle to kick Vicious Wolf out off shock thus waking the whole team. And each had very different first thoughts: Chris was thinking about how they ended up here and what was going on. Dogpyle was figuring out that they must have been drugged using the beer, meanwhile Wolf was thinking of how being tied up and drugged in the back of a van was like his first date with Vanessa...

(your turn Chris)

Vicious Wolf

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Re: Flashback 3

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:31 am

But they don't have much time to think, after a few seconds they realize that they are in a moving van, they can feel the motion but can't see anything, as the back of the van does not have any windows, all it has is a small, solid, steel barricade that was once a window between the driver and the back of the ban, that's all that can be seen inside the van.

Chris, who is seven feet tall, is having trouble with space in the van, he does not have enough space to fully stretch his legs, and his feet are tied together too tightly, Vicious Wolf is sitting there, silent and motionless, deep in thought, Dogpyle is no different. The three teenagers sit there in confusion, a little bit of fear, and in the case of Chris Hunt, discomfort. Chris Hunt is the first to speak and break the silence.

Chris Hunt: Damn...how drunk did we get?

Dogpyle just sighs and lowers his head, clearly not willing to reply to Chris's usual stupid questions, Vicious Wolf on the other hand did not have the same, he clearly got irritated, he immediately faceplams and stares at Chris Hunt in silence before responding in a somewhat aggressive tone.

Vicious Wolf: Damn it you brainless potato sack, how stupid are you? Do you not remember anything?

Chris Hunt's facial gets more serious.

Chris Hunt: What did you just call me?

Vicious Wolf sighs

Vicious Wolf: You heard me loud and clear, the sound probably just didn't reach your brain yet, we weren't drunk you idiot, we had one beer.

Chris Hunt: Uhhh...Errr isn't that enough?

Vicious Wolf clearly starts to lose his temper, his facial expression gets a lot more serious and he gets much too frustrated to form a cohesive sentence, and just before he gets the chance to answer Chris, the silent Dogpyle finally speaks.

Dogpyle: Wolf, easy now, be rational....Chris, umm...just try not to move....alright

Dogpyle pauses for a while, waits for both of his friends to calm down, then continues.

Dogpyle: Your Pickering won't solve the problem...heck you probably don't even know what the problem is yet, so as usual, I will be the voice of reason and enlighten you two...we got drugged in our last night in the camp, obviously from the beer we drank, then got tied and thrown in this van, now w--

Before Dogpyle can finish what he was saying, the van's back door opens and a flashlight immediately shines on the three teenagers they all squint and turn away from the bright light, two men can be seen standing behind the now opened van, one of the men is the training camp instructor, the other is a middle aged man dressed in a fancy suit, he has his hair neatly combed and is now frowning at the three kids in the van, behind the two men by some distance stand 12 other men wearing identical uniforms. The neighborhood that the van parked in is completely empty, all that can be seen are dirty roads, old residential buildings and closed shops. ,

Instructor: Look Bill....it's the new talent I told you about....what do you think...?

The question was clearly just a formal one as the instructor can already tell what Bill(the middle aged man in a suit) thinks by the frown on his face. Dogpyle, Wolf, and Chris are still silent.

Bill:[clearly irritated] ....Have you completely lost your mind...? These are kids! Children!! Sure one of them is freakishly large due to a third world mutation of some sort, but in the end, these are children!! Who would pay to see them?!?

Instructor: Look Bill, please, you got to trust me on this one, these kids can fight better than half the people in there...loo--

Bill sighs and interrupts the instructor, frustrated.

Bill: That's because none of the so called ''fighters'' in there can fight, Jack!

Jack (Instructor): Look Bill, please, don't be like that, just hear me out, alright?

Bill: I've been funding your club for months and it hasn't made a cent since, you have been just wasting my money on your stupid ideas, how hard is it to run a fight club damn it? You know what, that's it, I'm cutting you off!

Jack: [Clearly panicking] No Bill...please, you'll destroy me, look just trust me on this one, these three are stronger than you expect, just give me another chance..alright? Please, just one more month...

Bill sighs

Bill: One more Jack, one more month, start making me money or get the hell away from mine, got it?

Jack nods and Bill starts walking away, Jack watches him open the door to a building and walk inside

Jack then turns to face Chris Hunt, Dogpyle, and Vicious who are still sitting silent and motionless in the back of the van...it could be because they are confused....it could be because they don't know what to say...it could be just because their hands and feet were tied by 5 layers of the thickest kind of rope.

Jack: Well well, if it isn't the three musketeers, you know, this was all too easy....even the smart one *looks at dogpyle* didn't see it coming, what idiots.....

Jack laughs but is interrupted by a comment made by Dogpyle

Dogpyle: Says the guy who can't make two cents from an already formed business...

Chris Hunt smiles a bit and Wolf lets out a snort, Jack stops laughing and continues to speak

Jack: *looking at Dogpyle* 'least I aint tied up in the back of a van wise guy. Now do as your friends here and keep your mouth shut to learn what and where you will spend the rest of your meaningless life, got it kid?

Dogpyle does not respond in any way, not a word or a movement

Jack: My real name is Jack, but you know that by now eh? I run a fighting club and a fake training camp, but you obviously know that by now as well...unless you're an idiot like big Chris over here.

At that, Chris Hunt attempts to lunge at Jack, he attempts to free his hands and feet, he keeps trying for a few seconds, he puts all his strength and anger in it..like some sort of.....rage attack. But all his attempts aren't successful, he is steal seated in the back of the van with his hands and feet tied.

Jack: Ey kid, I have 12 powerful guards behind me, all armed with massive strength and ma' favorite weapon, the tazer. So shut and listen....that goes to all o' ya, be good kids like your freak friend ova' here

Inner Wolf: Listen here you pathetic hickey, you and your sorry excuse of a ''business'' with all your guards can't hold ME, and this silence? I know you're not used to it, but it's when people stop talking and think for some time, you will evolve into that behavior some day.....one day.

Jack, clearly shocked, starts laughing suddenly

Jack: ohohokay I don't know what the hell that was, but it's gon' make me' lots'a cash! Boys! Get em in!

All the 12 guards who were completely motionless in the back start moving all of the sudden towards the van

Dogpyle: [looking at wolf and chris] They have tazers, don't resist....I know it may sound crazy, but be patient.

The twelve guards reach the van and every four guards help out each one of Dogpyle, Vicious Wolf, and Chris Hunt, after ofcourse cutting their feet loose, after that is done the guards escort them to the same door Bill walked through, every four guards on one of the teenagers and just as instructed, they do not resist, upon walking through the door, they walk a bit more through a tight hallway before reaching another door.

Once they walk through the second door, they see 4 other guards wearing the same uniform at the door, they exchange a greeting in the form of a nod. Once all three are inside, they see it, the underground fighting club. The room was pretty large, and it was as dirty as they come, their was a big hole in the middle, a bit smaller than a wrestling ring in size, that was the whole for fighting. Surrounding the hole there were a fair amount of people cheering for the fighters and shouting instructions at them in the hole;some were friends with the fighter, some were cheering to enjoy themselves, but most were cheering because they had bets on the guys in the hole. To the right of the was a small bar....or at least that's what Jack called it, it was just a big stone bench with nothing but a beer dispenser, glasses, and a bartender standing behind it.

Jack now stands infront of Chris, Dogpyle, and Wolf.

Jack: Kids! Welcome to ma' business!! Welcome to Jack's house of pain!!

Vicious Wolf: [sarcastically] How original.

Jack gives no attention to Vicious Wolf's comment and continues his speech

Jack: Rules be simple y'all, real simple, you do as you're told, you fight all day and get escorted to your cell,downstairs at midnight, if you make enough money 'course. Y'all be getting' 3 meals a day too, good deal ey?

Jack spits on the floor

Jack: Oh and kids? Don't try nothin' funny here, we got over a hundred guards 'ere, four of em on each five doors, don't be tryin' notin' funny eh?

Jack turns and leaves to the bar, leaving the three lost teenagers alone, three guards approach them shortly later to untie their wrists and leave immediately

Chris Hunt: Great, we're doomed forever....

Vicious Wolf: Thank you captain obvious!

Chris Hunt: Look you lit--

Dogpyle [interrupting]: HEY!! Don't start this crap again, why must I posses the only bit of sense in this group?!

Chris and Wolf both calm down and wait for Dogpyle to finish what he has to say

Dogpyle: I will scout the area, you two wait here, alright? I will be only be gone for 5 minutes, please try not to start anything in that time.....

Dogpyle leaves Vicious Wolf and Chris Hunt near the main door of the noisy, bloody, filthy underground club.


Ten minutes have passed, during those ten minutes neither Wolf or Chris said a word, much less moved, they both have faith in Dogpyle planning and their own strengths, but the teens still cannot help but feel hopeless, like they are going to spend their entire lifetime in this dump

Dogpyle approaches them

Dogpyle: Damn, you two haven't moved...anyway, here is what I concluded: this place is similar to a prison in many aspects, it is filthy, the fighters are not allowed to leave, it is run by a prick, buuut unlike a prison, it's not hard to escape...from what I gathered, everybody is just to afraid or too stupid to attempt, we however, are not

Upon hearing the news, Chris's and Wolf's faces light up, they even smile a little bit.

Dogpyle: but it won't be easy, here's the plan...come closer.

Both Wolf and Chris get closer to Dogpyle, Dogpyle starts whispering.

The focus turns away from the three teenagers and turns to Jack and Bill, who are standing near the bar

Jack:[Redneck accent] Ey Bill, look at these darn kids, chattin' n' whispirin' with each other, I don' like this

Bill: How many times did I tell you not speak like a damn hickey with me, be civilized damn it...
Jack: Sorry Bill....what do you think the kids are up to?

Bill: Who cares Jack? They're just kids.

Suddenly, a shout comes out of the direction of the group, it was Chris, he moves away from Dogpyle quickly.

Chris Hunt: [yelling, looking at Dogpyle] And why the hell should I listen to you, you're just a puny idiot!!
Vicious Wolf shoves Chris away from Dogpyle

Vicious Wolf: HEY! Leave him alone, big foot! He's right!!

Chris Hunt shoves Vicious Wolf back, and right after that Jack can be held yelling


And just as expected, four guards approach Wolf and Chris whithin seconds and escort them to the hole, Chris and Wolf do not resist

Chris and Wolf are now in the hole, and Jack can be heard shouting again


The crowd and most of the guards immediately approach the hole to watch the anticipated fight of the decade, the crowd is placing bets, giving money to the bets collector, the scene is chaotic. Dogpyle approaches right infront of the hole, crosses his arms calmly and nods at Chris and Wolf

Bill approaches Jack

Bill: Jack, what the hell are your guards doing? Are you that stupid?
Jack: Relax, I know what I'm doing! Now let's go enjoy this epic battle!
Both Jack and Bill go the front of the raging crowd, to the side opposing Dogpyle


Chris Hunt approaches Vicious Wolf and hits him with a punch straight to the jaw, Vicious Wolf gets staggered for a bit but retaliates by pulling out his claws and scratching Chris in the arm, Chris goes back to hold his arm then goes for a clothesline, but Vicious Wolf ducks under his giant arm!

The crowd roars and cheers for the simple exchange they've seen, the club is all chaotic, more guards are leaving their posts to watch the match. Vicious Wolf and Chris Hunt get closer to each other and exchange some words, suddenly Dogpyle yells at the top of his lungs

Dogpyle: [Yelling] NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!

All of the sudden, Chris Hunt and Vicious Wolf jump out of the hole to Dogpyle's direction, and follow Dogpyle as they run towards an unguarded door, Chris Hunt keeps running right at the door and with all his force, knocks it down with his shoulder.

They run outside and Dogpyle catches up to lead Wolf and Chris, The guards and Jack are still chasing after them on the outside, Dogpyle leads Chris and Wolf into an alley, then they start going rights and lefts through different alleys, and finally they run into the back door of a building and start going up the stairs until they reach the last floor, the roof.

Once the three of them are on the roof, Dogpyle speaks again

Dogpyle: Quick, look for things to jam the door with!!

The three of them separate on the roof and start to search, after 2 minutes, Chris Hunt walks up to the door pushing and entire abandoned closet. The closet is old and broken all over, but it is still heavy and is standing firm. Dogpyle and Vicious wolf hear the noise and run over to help Chris push the giant closet.

Once they get it standing against the door, they all start laughing. They sit against the closet, exhausted.

Dogpyle: This way, if they come looking for us here, they will think the door is locked...perfect huh?

Vicious Wolf: You're a genius, Dogpyle

Chris Hunt: Damn right he is.

Dogpyle: I know I know.....for now, we just need to spend the night up here, other than that, we're free. You know, we have a perfect team right here, this experience will mold us, it's not exactly a walk in the park...

Chris and Wolf nod in agreement

Dogpyle: What I'm trying to say is, I know the camp is done, but we WILL meet again, I am pretty sure of this, and when we do, we should always put our fighting desires and egos aside , and work together to achieve whatever the hell we want to, agreed?

Chris and Wolf nod in agreement again, clearly to tired and beaten up to speak

Dogpyle: I mean, sure you two took a few hits, but that's what a perfect plan takes...we all need to take hits, we all need to suffer in order to deceive people...and deceiving the public is best way to end up successful.

The camera fades to black


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