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Keele/Lilynette Alliance?

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Keele/Lilynette Alliance?

Post by Sephira on Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:56 am

Keele sits in his cell, alone in this dismal abyss. Sick of the constant pain he feels inside, he is ready to end it all. This small has become too much for him. As if the walls are closing in, ready to engulf his mourning soul into a dark distant state of enguish. He's dug down deep inside and revealed his inner demons, and yet to him that wasn't good enough. He's left feeling no sense of accomplishment when he recites an old poem from his past.

“Love, your hate, your love lost,
you are now, one of us,
Nothing from nowhere im no one,
Radiate, recognize one silent call,
as we all form, one dark flame “

Why he remembers this he has no idea. Keele gets up and walks to the cell entrance, peeks out and sees nothing. NO ONE. So alone. And so far away from home.

Keele: There's no hope. Nothing to live for in this world.

Keele walks back to his bad and plops down. Deep in his mind and heart all he can feel is hate when suddenly he feels a presence. A powerful presence, unlike anything he has ever felt. Even before the time at QBC he has had a few battles but none felt like this. It was like the darkness was eating his soul. But for the first time in his life, Keele finally felt good.

But Keele's sense of happiness was short lived, as an echo of footsteps began to shoot through his cell. Before he could react, the sudden emergence of Sakuya at the cell door startles him.

Keele stands to his feet, ready to question her but before he could open his she grabs through the cell bars, grabbing his throat and pushing him back to the floor.

Sakuya [yelling]: if you wish to not have your legs broken i suggest you keep that backside on the floor unless told otherwise.

Keele sits shocked, his mouth shut out of fear of futher action. He notices a shadowy figure behind Sakuya.

Sakuya steps aside as the figure moves forward and a feint whisper can be heard.

Voice: Your time is up, you're already dead in my world... but there is one door left for you to take...

Suddenly, Lilynette begins to appear before him on the other side of the cell. She pushes her body again the cell, embracing its coldness. She looks towards Keele as a deviant smile begins to show on her face.

Sakuya stands behind Lilynette, placing her hand on her waist, with a look of disapproval.

Sakuya: Well, weakling. I hope for your sake you're not dumb enough to do what I think you may do.

Sakuya bows to Lilynette before turning and walking away.

Lilynette, still embracing the cold steel bar's, edges her hand through the gaps, wriggling her finger at Keele to move closer.

As he gets to his feet, his body suddenly moves on its own, thrusting forward right into the Steel Bar's before Lilynette. The cold bar's pressing against his skin, giving him a sense of coldness, only countered by Lilynette's own body hit on the other side.

She places her hand on Keele's head, stroking his hair.

Lilynette: Poor Keele. Betrayed so soon... by such... weak fighters...

She stops stoking his hair and slides her hand along his cheek, placing her fingers against his chin.

Lilynette: But you... you are something special Keele... You may not process the same fighting ability as others... but there is something else... Something I hold value too...

Suddenly she vanishes from the other side of the Cell. Keele attempts to regain control of his body but nothing he tries works. Then, Lilynette appears behind him.

Lilynette: Oh Keele, how do you get yourself into this mess...

She places her arms around Keele throat, resting her head against his shoulder.

Lilynette: I need someone like you Keele, someone with... intelligence.

Lilynette begins to move one of her arms away from Keele's body and instead places her hand against the side of his chest, slowly moving her hand down his body and under his clothing. Her fingers press against his skin, giving a mild burning sensation. She slowly slides her hand up to his chest, positioning her palm directly over his Heart.

Lilynette: i know, deep down there is more to you. Spirit, determination... Yet, you long for acceptance too... long for a chance to really prove yourself.

Lilynette Pull's Keele back, pressuring on his chest as his body comes into contact with her own. His clothes begin to let of a burning smell and his body begins to feel pain, almost as if he is being absorbed into her. She turns her head towards Keele's neck, slowly licking his skin up, leaving a red mark behind. Holding him firmly against her she goes to whisper in his ear.

Lilynette: i can... release you Keele, i can put you in a position of power... But there is something you must do for me first...

She let's go of Keele and walk's back towards the cell door. She turn's towards him, whispering.

Lilynette: What that is... You'll find out soon enough.

Sakuya appears from the corridor and unlocks the Cell door. Lilynette turns and walks out, turning and winking at Keele as Sakuya closes the Cell door behind her. As Lilynette begins to walk away, Sakuya stop's and turns back at Keele, a strong look of disgust on her face. She walk's back to the Cell, pulling her hand through the bar's and grabbing Keele's throat, thrusting him into the bars.

Sakuya: Don't think that because the Queen has interest in you that you'll be treated any differently. As far as i am concerned, you're dead to this world and I won't hesitate to make it a reality.

She pushes Keele back and grabs the cell bar with her hand. She begins to tighten her grip as the bar begins to bend inwards, displaying signs of damage. At that she turns and walks away, leaving Keele on the floor. He finds he can move his body again, but is lost for words. As he moves he hand onto his neck, he feels a mild pain as he comes in contact with the skin that Lilynette had licked.
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