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Nightmare Part 1

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Nightmare Part 1

Post by Sephira on Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:11 am

Blackheart found himself kneeling in a dark room. It was cold. It was so dark that the man couldn't even see his arms. It was quiet. Neither his movement, nor his breathing made any sound. Panicking Basil jumped up on his feet and screamed – “Where am I!?”. His voice echoed through the room, breaking the silence. Cold sweat starts flowing from Blackheart’s forehead. There was no one answering his call. In the distance the noise of dripping water disrupted the silence. A whiplash echoes through the room.

Basil Blackheart: Who’s there?

The man trembles in the darkness. His fists tighten as fear and anger collide inside of him. Footsteps are heard from the distance coming Basil’s way. The executioner’s heavy breaths became more frequent. Once again he shouted, demanding an introduction and again there was no response. Blackheart’s body became paralyzed , as fear overcame his anger. His body was covered in cold sweat. Suddenly torches enlightened the room. In shock Blackheart recognized the room. It was the same room from his nightmare. This time the room looked older, as if no one has been there for ages. The walls were all dark, some of them covered in dried blood. The ceiling was wet and in several places water was dripping from it. The floor was dirty. The sound of a whiplash turned Blackheart’s attention towards a boy, walking towards him, with a whip in its hand. It was the same boy from his nightmare. Its skin was dirty, its eyes were bloody red. It had a sinister grin on its face. Walking towards Basil it was leaving a trail of blood behind it. The executioner was petrified. He tried to speak but was unable. He was standing there as a sweating statue. With a swift lash the boy wrapped its whip around Blackheart’s neck. It followed with a pull, bringing Basil back on his knees.

Boy: Aren't you happy?

The boy released Basil from the whip and stepped closer to him. The boy was small enough that it was hardly Basil’s size even when he was kneeling. It spread its arms and hugged the petrified man.

Boy: After all those years you are finally home.

The armored man again tried to speak but all he managed to do is choke when he tried to pull words from his mouth. The boy stepped backwards from Basil and looked at him questioningly.

Boy: What is it? Didn't you miss home?

The boy grabbed Blackheart by the chin and forced him to look sideways.

Boy: See? I kept all the toys we played with when we were young.

Blackheart’s gaze was forced on an empty wall. Shadows began moving on the wall forming chains. Soon the shadows reached out of the wall and materialized into real chains. Not giving him anytime to realize what happened the boy turned Basil’s head to another wall, where shadows had already began forming a torture rack. Shadows materialized into a real wooden rack. Blackheart’s eyes were watering. His pupils grew two times their normal size as fear was emitting from them. Once again the boy forced Basil’s head to turn to another wall from which a wooden frame materialized. The frame had three holes. - a big one in the middle and two small ones in both ends. The frame was apparently split in to an upper and a lower half. When closed both halves were locked with a padlock. From the ground in front of the wooden frame a shadow rose up and formed a bucket.

Boy: Remember how much fun we had with that one? – The boy giggled. – Do you remember when the guards locked us for a first time there? Our head was so small that we could almost escape from the holes. But they didn't let us escape, did they? No… no they didn't, they let us play all day. When our head was forced for a first time in the bucket we almost drowned. Remember that? Oh we wanted to scream… but we couldn't… no… no we couldn't, we just passed out, we taught this will end our game, but we were wrong. They let us free just when we had enough, so we can play again and again and again every day. Those were the good times.

The boy forces Blackheart’s head to turn forward. Now both faces were touching noses. The boy’s sinister grin was replaced by a warm smile. It eyes were back to normal. The boy fondled Basil’s hair as if assuring him everything will be alright. Blackheart was desperately trying to move. Sweat was already dripping from him. His eyes were uncontrollably flashing in all directions. He was barely blinking.

Boy: See? I kept all our toys safe. We had so much fun when we were here, playing with them.

The boy’s face suddenly changed. His eyes once again turned red and his warm smile deformed into the previous sinister grin.

Boy: But you had to ruin it all, didn't you?

Once again trying to talk Basil choked. His body was still refusing to do any movement, except from shaking. The boy stepped back from the kneeling man and looked at him with disapproval.

Boy: You had to escape, didn't you? You had to grow up and you had to escape.

The boy lashed with the whip, as it was preparing to strike Basil.

Boy: You had to stop playing the game.

The whip lashed across Basil’s face, leaving a mark on his cheeks. Blackheart wanted to groan but was unable.

Boy: You had to become strong.

Once again the boy whipped Blackheart’s face, making it Bleed. Basil’s face was stinging.

Boy: Why couldn't you stay weak?

The whip whistled through the air as it stroke Blackheart’s throat. The armored man choked and his hands immediately covered his throat as if trying to protect it. Basil’s saliva made a little poll in front of him as the hit made him want to puke. Suddenly the man realized something. The paralysis wore off.

Boy: You know you want it? We were weak and we’ll always be!

The whip whistled again through the air and just as it was about to hit Basil’s face, the man put his hand on its way making the whip wrap around his forearm. The boy’s face changed as it was shocked. Through coughs Blackheart was finally able to talk to the boy.

Basil Blackheart: You are not me! I overcame this, I became stronger!

The armored man pulled the whip. The boy didn't let go of the handle and was pulled close to the kneeling man. Quickly Basil rose up on one knee and threw his punch at the boy. It flew away from the impact. The whip on Basil’s hand steadily turned into ashes. Standing up Blackheart searched for the boy with his eyes. He found him lying a few feet from him, but something was wrong with it. It appeared that the boy was stuck on the floor. It struggled to stand up but was unable. It was covered by shadows, which pulled it through the ground, leaving behind a pool of black blood. Shaken by the view Blackheart trembled. This time the anger overcame the fear as the man stepped towards the place where the boy was to investigate the liquid, but was stopped in his tracks as one by one the torches in the room began fading out.
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