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Nightmare Part 5

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Nightmare Part 5

Post by Sephira on Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:11 am

Boy's Face: Wake up... Wake up, it's almost time.

Basil open's his eyes and looks around him and finds a little boy sitting next to him. The boy get's on his feet and begins to run towards a pinnacle of light in a room of complete darkness, he turns back and waves for Basil to come. Basil stands to his feet, noticing his armor is no longer damaged and his body no longer bloodied. He begins to run towards the light with the boy.

As he run's, he begins to notice the light get closer and brighter. The boy's voice can be heard "Come on, she's waiting!". As he get's closer to the light, he notices it suddenly begins to fade and move further away. The boy, distancing himself as Basil run's, yet his progress feels like he is no longer moving. Suddenly, the light disappears as the boy can no longer be heard. He stop's and feel's different. As he checks his armor he notices it beginning to melt, his body beginning to feel weak.

As he look's on, he notices his family walking towards him in the distance, barely see able yet still there. He reaches out, noticing his his hand showing signs of age, almost as if he is growing older. The figures before him stop just before him, reaching back out and grabbing his hand. The area around him changes, showing a glass plain as he witnesses numerous old friends and family all standing around him. The little boy from previous, standing before him, holding a small red rose. He places the rose before him. Basil looks up, seeing the faces of his family break into tears, as his body has fully melted away, exposing his clothing.

He sighs to himself, almost breaking into tears himself, feeling broken. He slowly watches each one lay a rose before him, as his body grows older and older. He attempts to pick up one of the roses before him, but his body could not react. He begins to break into tears as his body begins to slowly vanish before him, watching as his family and friends watch on, slowly turning their back and walking away as his entire existence begins to turn into dust. He closes his eyes and looks to the sky before everything comes black.

A voice can be heard, telling him to wake up. As he attempts to open up his eyes, he notices his Cell from before. As he fully manages to open his eyes, he notices Lily standing over him. Her face is disapproval. She sits by Basil, cradling his head on her arm, placing her fingers on his lips telling him to shush. Sakuya begins to walk in, following by several Guards.

Sakuya: We've cleaned the Ring as you requested. We also recovered Basil's armor from before.

Sakuya turns and looks at Basil, smirking at him. Lilynette sits Basil up and signal's a Guard who pulls him to his feet.

Lilynette: I'm not finished with him, make sure he is seen to, I don't want our new Champion to be unable to fight.

She turns towards Basil, looking him up and down as he standing in nothing more then rags. His body still wet with blood following his match.

Lilynette: It isn't over Basil, it's only just begun...

The Guard's begin to drag Basil out of his cell, as Lilynette and Sakuya follow. The Camera begins to fade out.

"The Nightmare, has only just begun..."
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