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Nightmare Part 4

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Nightmare Part 4

Post by Sephira on Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:12 am

A sudden Roar shakes the entire foundations as the entire surrounding began to break and crumble. The area vanishing leaving only a wasteland filled with a purple sky. Basil lay's looking up at the sky, as the ground around him shakes. Suddenly a form of liquid rain begins to poor, giving a strong burning sensation on his skin. He sits up, weak and torn and witnesses as the wasteland around him begins to shake constantly. Slowly the ground cracks, the sky letting off a glow as the rain pours. Basil slowly gets to hit feet.

Another Roar is heard as the ground begins to crack again, suddenly in the distant a split in the surface of the wasteland begins to show. Slowly the ground opens up, sending more and more cracks splitting open, causing the entire area to begin to collapse in on itself. Suddenly the ground shakes, knocking Basil off his feet. He notices a rushing shadow of darkness heading his way, the ground collapsing behind it. He desperately tries to pull himself onto his feet and begins to limp away from it.

As he clings onto his life to move out of the oncoming Shadow's path, the ground splits directly in front of him, opening up. He tries to stop himself but fails and falls forward, grabbing the ledge as he goes. As he looks down he notices nothing but sheer darkness below; almost as if there was no end. As he attempts to pull himself up he see's Lilynette standing before him. She smirks as he desperately clings on. Suddenly she lays down onto her stomach, looking down at Basil. She leans over the side, placing her hand on Basil's chin, smiling.

Lilynette: Oh poor Basil. If only I could help you.

She stands up and stomps on his fingers, causing him to let go and fall into the Darkness. As he begins to fall he notices several Shadows fall around him. They suddenly turn and grab at him. He desperately kicks about as he falls, trying to stop the Shadows getting a hold of him. As one grab's him by the throat, it suddenly changes appearance into a younger version of himself...

Boy: What's wrong Basil, I thought you where suppose to be strong.

Suddenly it morphs into Basil's father, staring him directly in the eyes. It's face full of anger and disgust. Yet this one does not speak, it's face changes into one of sadness and disappointment. Suddenly it let's go of Basil and disappears. As Basil continues to fall he turn's and see's Lilynette falling beside him.

Lilynette: How does it feel to see your father so disappointed in you Basil? It must break his heart to see his son so weak, so defeated.

She suddenly appears on top of him, holding onto his shoulders, her body wrapped around his own.

Lilynette: It's almost time Basil, it's almost time to fight your fears. But I don't know if you're truly ready.

She strokes his cheek, a look of uncertainty on her face. She let's go and vanishes as Basil witnesses the area around him twist and form again. Suddenly he hits the ground and blacks out.
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