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The Fire Burns Deep

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The Fire Burns Deep

Post by The Black Demon on Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:44 pm

The camera fades from black to show a faintly lit room. In the background we see a hunched silhouetted figure. Its head turns to its side seemingly looking over its shoulder. The figure stands up and faces the camera, it slowly walks closer and closer until the faint light reveals its monstrous face. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter. He flips it on so a single flame burns out of the top of it.

Figure: A flame, one of life's awe inspiring mystery's. A small fire, something where those who look upon it, are instantly mesmerized and gather round for warmth and light. But can your small, insignificant, in-superior minds imagine a place where all you see is fire, all you hear is fire, all you feel is fire, all you touch is fire, and all you can taste is fire. No? I can. I once ruled over such a place, destroying anyone or anything that was thrown my way. And for what, because I was forced to be there? Because I was bound there? No, because I felt like doing that, and because I liked it.

The Figure sniggers. and throws away the lighter.

Figure: That place, is the dark side of hell. And that place is where I will send anyone, and I mean ANYONE, that chooses to get in my way on my path to glory, here in Queens Blade Championship.

The Figure cracks his knuckles.

Figure: Pain, one of lifes beautiful things. I relish it. However, most choose to fear it, and when it comes along, they complain and stop what they're doing, because it hurts so much.. I laugh at those pathetic creatures, laugh at the very idea of not liking, or embracing the pain. Pain is what I inflict, Pain is what I embrace, Pain...is what I am.

The figure laughs hard into the camera for a while. The figure then suddenly stops and stares into the camera.

Figure: I am The Black Demon. And you will bow down to me.

Again The Black Demon laughs into the camera. He then walks out of shot, the camera then fades to black.

The Black Demon

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