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Laura Kinney gets caught (love angle with Airi over)

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Laura Kinney gets caught (love angle with Airi over)

Post by @Magnum on Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:41 pm

Laura Kinney is in her cell talking to a female guard

Laura: So how do you think I perform in the ring, I'm pretty damn awesome.
Guard: You are pretty awesome in the ring not to mention that outfit you wear, really sexy.
Laura blushes then smiles at the guard

Laura: Well I actually made it myself. Airi doesn't like it too much she says its to revealing.
Guard: I see and you really care what she thinks, she's not your mother you know.
Laura: I know but....
Guard: But what?
Laura: You are right she can be a bit bossy. She thinks that I'm her property.
Guard: You aren't and you shouldn't feel that way, you are a beautiful young woman who needs to be independent and not let others tell you what to do.
Laura: Doesn't the Queen tell you what to do?
Guard: That's a whole other story haha.

Just then Sakuya is seen walking towards the cells with Airi.

Sakuya: I'm telling you Airi she cannot be trusted and I am going to prove it to you right now.
Airi: Shes messing with the wrong person if she thinks she can pull a fast one on me.
Sakuya: I didn't like her the minute I was introduced to her but I want you to see for yourself she is always flirting with the guards.
Airi: We are done if that's the case.

The two reach Laura's cell where they see her flirting with the guard

Airi: What the hell are you doing Laura?
Sakuya: I told you.

Laura hesitates shaking before answering

Laura: It really isn't want it looks like.
Airi: It looks like to me you were flirting with the guard and from what I hear this happens every day so you know what you trashy little nothing we are through I can do much better than pit garbage.
Laura: But I love you.
Airi: Love ha, I don't love you how do you like that. We had fun and now the fun is over.

Airi walks away while Laura begins to cry in her cell

Guard: Don't cry it will be ok.
Sakuya: And as for you missy flirting with the competitors is not part of your job so from this moment on you are forbidden to speak to Laura or anyone down here and if I find you talking to anyone I will squash you like the roach that you are do you understand me?
Guard: Yes.
Sakuya: Good now I have other business to handle good day.

sakuya walks away as the guard turns her back to a crying Laura Kinney.

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