Queen's Blade Championship
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Stone gets introduced to the champion.

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Stone gets introduced to the champion.

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 03, 2013 6:42 am

The scene turns to the big furnished cell of the Queen's Blade Champion,Chris Hunt, Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf. The atmosphere is similar to the way it was, except this time the room is properly lit. The Queen's Blade title belt can be seen on the coffee table, Chris Hunt and Dogpyle can be seen sitting on the old, hard black couch watching what seems to be an action movie on the small-screen TV and Vicious Wolf can be seen doing push-ups behind the couch.

Dogpyle: Man...TV here is much better than the crap we have back home.

Vicious Wolf does his last, slow push up and gets up with a deep breath then sits on the chair next to the couch, still sweaty from his exercise.

Chris Hunt: You know...I'm starting to really like it here.

Both Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf stare at Chris Hunt.

Chris Hunt: Well it's better than the crap I had back home, I get treated like a king for beating the hell out of people here, they sent me to a jail cell for that back home.

They all stay silent for a while, not knowing what to say.

Dogpyle: I'm starting to understand how it really works here, it's like a survival game show....winners get rewarded, losers live a horrid life, and trying alone gets you nowhere.

Both Vicious Wolf and Chris nod in agreement before having their conversation interrupted by a guard outside the cell, the guard is followed by a midget sized ugly creature....the creature looks somewhat human, but it's hard to tell what exactly it is. The creature looks miserable, it looks like it hasn't had any sleep in weeks, and not a single happy day in years.

Guard: Champion, you have a special present from the queen.

The camera turns back to Dogpyle, Wolf and Chris Hunt for a brief second to show their reactions; the three of them are staring at the creature in shock.

Chris: What....is that.....

Guard: He's a goblin slave, and he is yours...his name is Stone, but you can call him whatever you want...

Chris Hunt smirks

Chris Hunt: Now I'm starting to REALLY like it in here.

The guard takes a single, big key from his pocket, jams in the door's lock and turns it as the three of them wait anxiously, the guard opens the door and a loud, cringing creek can be heard echo through the dark hallways. The guard slaps Stone on the back of the head and Stone does not move an inch, fearing that a reaction would get him tortured (again).

Guard: What are you waiting for you stupid runt, go in!

Stone immediately takes a few awkward steps forward Chris Hunt is standing infront of the door with a blank expression on his face, Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf are standing slightly behind him with the same expression, none of them know what to make of this. The guard opens his mouth to speak again as Stone's miserable face stares at the ground.

Guard: Stone will be your personal slave, he will do anything you ask him to and will get you anything you want. He is allowed to leave the building to get you supplies from the outside world if he's accompanies by a guard.

Chris lets out a snort and looks sideways at his buddies

Chris Hunt: Look guys..I have my own midget slave!

The Guard, still standing outside, clears his throat to get Chris' attention and starts to speak again.

Guard: One more thing, you have a note from the queen, I think it would be better if you read this yourself.

The guard shoves his hand in his left front pocket and pulls out a neatly folded purple envelope, the guard extends his arm but does not move forward, Chris nods and walks towards the guard at a steady pace to get the envelope. Stone is infront of the guard by some steps, Once 7'5'' giant Chris reaches to him, he pushes him aside with one hand as if he was just any useless inanimate object, like a brick, this causes Stone to fall down as Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf can be heard laughing in the background. The camera changes focus from Stone to Chris, as he takes the purple neatly folded envelope from the guard and nods.

As the guard is closing the cell's sturdy, noisy old door, Chris Hunt speaks again.

Chris Hunt: No no, leave it open, your champion and his comrades may want to take a walk later.

Chris Hunt puts a sarcastic, devious smile as the guard nods and walks away. Chris puts the envelope in his pocket then turns around to see Stone trying to get up while Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf laugh at him.

Chris Hunt: Well, I have a midget slave! I've dreamed about this!
Vicious Wolf: Erm..okay...that's not....weird.

Chris, who as usual, didn't get Wolf's sarcasm, smiles more enthusiastically and looks at Stone, but the smile abruptly disappears as he raises his head and looks back at Dogpyle 

Chris Hunt: Don't give him any socks though...he'll be free....I saw it on TV

Vicious Wolf facepalms in a very frustrated manner and opens his mouth to  aggressively reply to Chris' stupidity but Dogpyle quickly interrupts him

Dogpyle: Allow me...

Vicious Wolf waves the ''go ahead'' gesture to Dogpyle.

Dogpyle: Chris, that was Harry Potter...it's a movie...

Chris Hunt, still with the same worried expression on his face 

Chris Hunt: It could still happen!!

Vicious Wolf, frustrated, opens his mouth to speak again but gets interrupted the same way by Dogpyle

Dogpyle: Fine! Nobody's gonna give him a sock, Chris!

Chris smiles again and looks back at Stone, who has finally got up and is standing up infront of him. The size difference is huge, Chris is 7'5'' tall and Stone while Stone is just a midget, the top of his head can barely reach Chris' head.

Chris leans down , extends his hand down and grabs the top of Stone's head then raises him up like that, he raises him up like that, with one hand grabbing the top of his dome. Stone's facial expression changes from  miserable  to ''in pain'' as he squints and groans, Chris lifts Stone up all the way to Chris' eye level, while Stone, who is in deep pain, tries his best to shy away from making eye contact while Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf stand back, laughing.

Chris Hunt: Look at me you stupid dwarf!

Stone raises his head a bit and looks at Chris then immediately shys away again. Chris starts walking, still holding with one hand from the top of Stone's dome, Stone starts flapping his arms and legs now in attempts of maybe  resisting, he manages to fight through the excruciating pain hard enough just to utter a couple of words.

Stone: p--p-ple-please...s-sir!

Chris Hunt ignores Stone and just continues to walk and goes up to the fridge, still holding Stone's cranium tightly, Chris walks up to the fridge in the cell, and holds Stone up infront of it

Chris Hunt: See this? This is the fridge, where we keep our drinks.

Chris Hunt hits Stone's face hardly against the fridge, Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf can be heard laughing louder now, Chris then walks up to the small Television..

Chris Hunt: See this?

Chris Hunt, who is still grabbing the goblin (Stone) from the top of his dome tightly, slams Stone's face into the side of the Television

Chris Hunt: This is our TV, you are to stay as far away as you possibly can from it.

Another bust of laughter can be heard from Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf as Chris turns around and walks to the corner, Chris then slams Stone's face in the corner and drops him there.

Chris Hunt: This is your room, you can only leave this corner with our permission, got it?

Stone nods  miserably as he looks back to the floor, Chris turns around again and goes to sit on the couch, Dogpyle goes to sit next to him.

Dogpyle: Don't you think you should maybe open the envelope?

Chris Hunt reaches to his pocket and pulls out the same neatly folded purple envelope, he unfolds the envelope, opens it, and takes out a piece of paper, then starts to read it loudly.

Chris Hunt:it says  ''Hello Champion, i do hope you are enjoying yourself. Better enjoy it while it lasts because who knows who'll get a chance at your title this season. Oh, and if you dare scratch my title, you'll be needing Izumi to scrape you off the floor after I make you my new floor mat for the guards. Oh don't think I'm just teasing you. You may be big Chris, but everyone's body has to give, especially under the boots of hundred's of female guards.''

Chris Hunt pauses for a while, Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf are both speechless.

Chris Hunt: There are people....who want to take this from me?

Chris Hunt looks at his title then quickly gets up, flips the coffee table infront of him, and storms out of the cell

The camera fades to black

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Re: Stone gets introduced to the champion.

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:48 am

Finished it, kinda rushed the last part...I didn't include Dogpyle or Wolf much because I had no idea what I could add, if you want to add anything, please feel free to do so.


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