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Gyalin talks to a mysterious man from his cell. (Finished)

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Gyalin talks to a mysterious man from his cell. (Finished)

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:11 am

The scene turns into the standard, familiar cell which every fighter is forced to stay in, the only source of light is a single, powerful bulb in the hallway, which makes the lighting in the cell too dim, if not non existent...in this particular cell, Gyalin Reece can be seen sitting on the standard bunk bed with his head-which is flooded with confusion right now- rested between his palms

Suddenly, a cold, disturbing voice comes from the cell across from his, the cells aren't too far away, the only thing separating  them is a somewhat narrow hallway. Gyalin cannot see the man talking to him, only half of this  mysterious man's cell is lit, the front half and he is sitting on the far end corner

Mysterious Man: Hey kid...

Gyalin jumps up, startled by the sound, and looks at the cell across from his, he squints to attempt to see the figure in the dark but to no avail, all he sees is a half lit cell and two dark corners in the far-end.

Mysterious Man: Yes, right here kid....you seem....troubled....

Gyalin opens his mouth to speak but no words come out, by now he is standing in the middle of his cell, scared and confused, yet ready.

Mysterious Man:  You seem....confused....you want answers....but not sure answers to what....well I will help you a bit there, child

The mysterious man pauses for some time, long enough to make Gyalin think that he was done speaking, but then the voice starts coming again from the corner.

Mysterious Man: ...Stay away from them....you are not in the world that you were born and raised in...it's different here, stay away from them....

Gyalin, still stuck in his place in the middle of his cell opens his mouth again, but this time manages to utter a few words.

Gyalin Reece: Wh-Who? A-a-re you talking about?

Mysterious Man: Oh child...you know exactly who I'm talking about...the Queen...and the champion....

The voice starts to slowly get sharper.

Mysterious Man: The champion....that VILE creature...that...that...OVERSIZED du--...

The Mysterious Man's voice now goes back to the high pitched disturbing voice it was before.

Mysterious Man: Sorry child....lost my cool there...as I was saying, you are here for whatever is left of your life, if you want to make it last, stay away from the queen...and the champion.....

The Mysterious man pauses again.

Mysterious Man: This is no place for a hero....they would tell you that in some places in our native world....but this is different....this entire realm is no place for a hero....know your place child....and do as you're told...

Gyalin, moves towards the bars of his cell and sits down, leaning his face forward, towards the bars.

Gyalin Reece: ...Why?

Mysterious Man: That's a very general question, child...I don't know why...but if you mean why I asked you to stay away from the queen...well you already know why by now, do you not?....and why you should stay away from the champion? Well child, his size...it's not misleading.....he can...he is....

The Mysterious Voice pauses for two seconds

Mysterious man:I know your type...I know you won't listen, and try to be a hero anyway, but here's what happened... last month...that vile creature had a match for the title he carries so proudly now...it was brutal...spiked tables, ladders, chairs....and after he won the match, with the help of his DAMN BARBARIAN FRIENDS, he unhooked the ropes from the ring....he took his opponent, who was already a bloody knocked out mess, and slammed him onto three flaming stacked spiked tables.....nobody heard from the...''victim'' since then....

Gyalin, who can now be seen sitting on the ground, leaning on the steel bars and listening carefully to the voice coming from the dark corner of the cell opposing to his, speaks again right after the voice finishes.

Gyalin Reece: How do you know all this?

The mysterious figure suddenly pokes his head out of the dark corner, it's Walking Dead....except now he is even more disfigured, one eye is bigger than the other, there are severe burns on parts of his face, there are scars everywhere, his entire face is black and blue from the bruises, Gyalin stands up and  backs away with a gasp immediately after seeing Walking Dead's disfigured face...

Walking Dead: I was his opponent.

Walking Dead moves his head back into the dark corner, where it cannot be seen...where he cannot be seen or bothered for a very long time, just like he wanted. 

Gyalin Reece slowly moves back to the bunk and lays down, staring at the ceiling and thinking.

The camera slowly fades to black


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